Video: From Bob to Bald in 3 Minutes!

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From Bob to Bald in 3 MinutesOut of all the versions in this “Shaving My Head Bald” series (and what a way to stretch a 40 minute vid, huh?), this one is probably my favorite – if only because in all my video making time, I’ve never done anything like this before. From Bob to Bald in 3 Minutes was fun and fabulous to edit and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together for you. Because this is my first attempt at speedy AND musical, I hope you’ll be kind in your feedback and if you end up liking what I’ve done here, let me know that too. There is so much yet to learn with this video editing program, who knows what I could end up doing down the road…

Anyway, let’s just watch!

From Bob to Bald in (under) 3 Minutes!

YAY! It’s a totally happy and catchy thing, isn’t it?!!! And QUICK. I don’t know anyone who can shave hair that fast. Whew. Well, maybe the Military folks when they are shaving incoming recruits. Hmmm. Yep. Probably so. ANYway. I’m rambling. This is it. The last in the “Shaving My Head Bald” series.

First there was the Intro, as I try to explain just why I wanted/needed to shave it.

Then I shared the full length video, because it’s important for the whole story.

And some people like to watch in chunks, so I broke it down into 3 parts.

Which is how we ended up super fast and fabulous right here!

What’s next?

All the update videos, of course. Every week I will be posting a weekly update about what’s going on with the hair. I will be shaving or cutting or just giving you a head’s up 😉 about where we are at with it. Because we’re behind with all this, I’ll have two of those, later on this week (10.12 and 10.19 updates, both with shaving – sides and back). Then we should be on track going forward.

I do thank you sincerely, for watching this fast and furious “Shaving My Head Bald” video and if you’d like to be informed about future updates, feel free to subscribe (right at the tippy top of this page). We don’t spam, sell, or otherwise do a thing with your email – other than to send you a lovely newsletter every other day throughout the week. Easy Peasy and we won’t make you queasy.

~ Cheers

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