8 Funniest Hillary Clinton Memes This Year!

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I think now, I should have started with Hillary Clinton Memes. I’ve done Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders; it is now time to share 8 funniest Hillary Clinton memes.

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You should note, I am not declaring any political side with any of these Hillary Clinton memes. I was fair (I think…) for each political candidate. There is just so much rhetoric out there, to the point of using the same photo for an either left or right point of view – complete opposites. The campaigning/election process can be confusing and I’m probably not helping by sharing these. But we all need a giggle now and then.

Here is your guffaw!

8 Funniest Hillary Clinton Memes This Year!

Hillary Clinton Memes

Scandal is scandalous and yah, maybe, Hillary can relate. This begs the question: How is she the front-runner? It may come down to choosing the lesser of two evils.

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Hillary Clinton Memes

Poor Hillary. Seriously. To endure all that philandering by her husband, it can’t have been easy. But this? LOL funny. Bring on the cigars.


Hillary Clinton Memes

She has a point. And perhaps he had no other good choice. A bad choice is still better than no choice? Yah. More about that down below…


Hillary Clinton Memes

Ha. Ha. I just love a good Wizard of Oz reference. Wicked witch or not, someone did a darn good job photoshopping this.


Hillary Clinton Memes

Just part of the problem. How can we teach our children that telling the truth matters, if the folks who run our country think nothing of saving their own skin – even lying to accomplish their goal.


Hillary Clinton Memes

Baha. Ha. Ha. Because Bill and the thing with Monica…okay. You get it!


Hillary Clinton Memes

Because I’m fairly certain his wandering eye hasn’t stopped. Though she must have corralled him somehow. Stay strong, woman!


Hillary Clinton Memes

For the kid who loves this show. LOL funny, one of the best with Hillary checking her phone, out there!

And there they are. 8 Funniest Hillary Clinton Memes This Year. I encourage all of us to be aware of our political issues and get out and vote!

I also want to remind those who are staying in Bernie’s camp:

If Hillary gets the nomination, along with Trump, and you vote for Bernie, anyway? You are wasting your vote and may be the reason Trump is elected President. Let’s be smart and choose the lesser of two evils. We are a country in crisis and we must consider the bigger picture – for ALL of US! If we mess up this 2016 election, we lay blame amongst ourselves. #TeamUSA


Sandra Lynn



*please note: I pulled these 8 funniest Hillary Clinton memes from the internet (such a world. wide. thing. that thing…). If the original websites were awesome enough include their name, you’ll see it above. Otherwise, I simply can’t give credit where credit is due, because I have no idea who to give it to.

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