A Gentle Cleanse and Refinish from Bioque

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I already know that Bioque makes a good product – having gotten to try love their Pronto cream awhile back. So when I went in search of a gentle cleanse and refinish, I once again turned to Bioque for my skin care needs. I am not high maintenance. (Not in that regard, anyway, haha.) I want something that is easy and kind to my face. While I have some problem areas that are being addressed separately, I was looking for a cleansing product that would be gentle, yet do the job, and leave my skin feeling soft and ready for the day – and refreshed for a good night’s sleep. That Bioque offered their Refinisher along with this gentle cleanser just makes sense. Sloughing off the dead skin once or twice a week has all kinds of benefits – from the inside out!

Gentle Cleanse Refinish - it's that easy...

Bioque Gentle CleanserBioque’s Gentle Purifying Cleanser is just that – gentle, pure, and cleansing. I am in love with how fresh my face feels in the morning after I cleanse; and in the evening, after I wash the day’s dirt away. I am not a scent-driven person and don’t need, want, or even care for heavy smells with my products. Bioque has this nailed, too – a lovely and gentle orange flavor (orange peel) which helps to scrub naturally but is not over-powering in any way. Thank goodness.

For a deeper exfoliation each week, a bit of micro-dermabrasion action – you’ll want to snag Bioque’s acid-free facial skin Refinisher. Boy HOWDY, the first time I used this gritty little product! You can literally feel the dead skin falling off your face.Bioque - Acid-Free Refinisher

Probably. I don’t know. Folks use that word too often and very wrongly – literally.

But seriously. If you want to exfoliate smartly, you need a good scrubber. One that doesn’t require a whole lot of time-consuming trouble. Bioque has you covered. At least once a week, in the shower*, just squeeze a tiny amount into your hands and gently massage your face for a couple minutes. Rinse clean (avoid your eyes and mouth, just my personal advice – makes sense).

*You don’t have to use Bioque Refinisher in the shower; it’s just where I exfoliate. TMI? Pfft. Informed Sharing, here. 🙂

The best part about Bioque – and I said this about Pronto, too – is that they highly recommend using SMALL amounts of their products.

I super duper quadruple lover LOVE this. Are you getting it?

Because this means their products are highly concentrated. NOT watered down. Typically, high-end products are. Lots of lower-end products might be, too. I can’t speak for them. I only know of the higher-end because of my salon days. The higher the concentration of a product, the less you need. The more you use, the more you waste.

Literally. (Nailed that one 😉 )

Yes, it’s true.

So when it says to only use a small amount, DO THAT. Otherwise you are just throwing product away.

Of course we* are expecting that you’ll use more, but…you don’t have to. I’m just sayin’…

Bottom line here?

Bioque has an amazing line of skin care products – Bioque Gentle Purifying Skin Cleanser and Acid-Free Facial Skin Refinisher are just two that have made their way into my daily/weekly beauty regimen.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



*we – pretty much anyone in the beauty industry who sells product and says: now only use “this much”. Because we know you won’t. And because we know how good the product is, we know you’ll be back if you can afford it. Because it’s THAT good. So – use less. I promise. When we tell you to only use “this much”, it’s because it’s the truth. And with some products (as is the case here and with many other creams and lotions), you don’t want to be slathering it on. At that point you’re wasting and ruining whatever good things you were hoping to accomplish in the first place. There. I’m done “yelling” at you about “too much” product. You’re Welcome! ♥

(I was once part of the – we – working as a cosmetologist, my clients were not finished unless they left with product or more learning about what they could/should be using. Knowledge is power. Always. )

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm477bdb55b231264bb53a7942fd84254d


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