Gooseneck Mobile Phone Mount – not just for the car!

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I have renamed this fun, funky, (and one of my favorite Christmas presents) Gooseneck Mobile Phone Mount. It’s not official, but I did simply remove the word car…it’s not just for the car. And I love this handsfree video making tool so much that I just had to share.Gooseneck Mobile Phone Mount

As you can plainly see, this gooseneck mobile phone (car) mount is pretty cool. Attachable anywhere that will fit a clip. Clip is strong and holds on to skinny and thick surfaces. Sturdy grip at the other end to hold your phone. Adjustable to give you just the right angle for videos, time lapse(s), and photos. I’m just a wee bit giddy about it. 

Ya see, I was making lots of videos around this time last year.

And then?

My tripod broke. An accident, but the kiddo was horrified. And I was out a tripod (the kiddo didn’t get into trouble for it, it was an accident).


I swore I’d come up with a solution (or buy another tripod) but I never did. I got out of the habit of filming and the year just flew by. I kept saying (to myself) that I needed to begin making videos again, but…

Well hello 2016.

And now?

I’ve got my fabulous gooseneck mobile phone mount (not just for the car) and I am gearing up for plenty of videos this year. YAY!

Gooseneck Mobile Phone Mount

I won’t divulge everything up my sleeve, but do plan on more hair vids, some newsy type stuff, and of course, some cool collaboration with the kiddo. I’m bursting to film, now that I have the camera (iPhone) situation all settled. YAY!

So hello 2016 and let’s get to filming again. Soon, I promise.


Sandra Lynn



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