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~~ Feature Post of the Week ~~

Learning the basics for fine hair french braids – 4 Quick Tips!

…this Hair It Is – page 3 will be updated until it’s full (8 posts – written and videos) with fun posts and stuff about hair (mine and yours and his and hers and…).So grab a snack, settle in, and prepare to get a little (less?) hairy with me…enjoy!

Week 8/9 Update – Hair, Holidays, New Look, and Love

…oh, you HAVE to see the blog post about this one, folks. There was a week 8 update, I swear. But then I had to get a little “Blair Witch Project” instead…yikes!

Week 13 Hair Update – No Video, Just Words


No Video, Just Words!This hair update had no video but lots of words. (Surprised?) I even forgot to mention the color change. BUT. It’s full of good stuff – about hair, life lessons, and what’s to come…

Video: Week 14 Hair Update: Shaving, Techno Trouble, Keepin’ it Real

…by now you know. There’s a blog post to go along with this video. Be sure to check it out for all the extras not found in the vid.

4 Tips for Taking Care of Winter Hair


4 Tips for Taking Care of Winter HairIf you live in a cold section of the world (at any time of the year), you will want to check out these great tips for taking care of winter hair. Using my years of experience + a few other expert opinions, this post will ensure you don’t have to deal with boring, dry, lifeless hair in Winter.

Hair How-To: The Sock Bun (with pics)


The Sock BunThis was so fun to do with the kiddo. Though, all I really did was take pics. Mags is at that age where she is exploring hair styles and that means she and I will be doing a lot more collaborating! She wants to start her own website (and I’m not opposed) but for now, you can see her, the hair, and whatever other crazy antics we get ourselves up to. ♥

4 Quick Tips for Fine Hair French Braids (+ bonus tips included)


Fine Hair French BraidsFrench Braids can be tricky until you get the hang of them. If you (or your braid-ee) has fine hair, you may struggle even more with how to get those braids just right. This post gives you 4 quick tips for tine hair french braids + several FAB bonus tips for moms who want french braid their pretty little princesses but also wish to keep their head(s) about it.

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