Hair It Is
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The Really REALLY QUICK Version – Watch it NOW!


 ~ watch the video above to get the goods about what's happening below ~

…this page will be updated at least weekly (with vids) and throughout the week(s) with other fun posts and stuff about hair (mine and yours and his and hers and…).So grab a snack, settle in, and prepare to get a little (less?) hairy with me…enjoy!

Hair It Is
Shaving My Head BaldFirst, the screen grabs – if you missed them. 18 photos + one, captured while I edited the original film. We are going in order here, so this begins the timeline. YAY! When viewing this post, you’ll be able to see each photo enlarged in a fabulous slideshow from beginning to end. Feel free to share, if you’d like, too. Thank you!

Intro – Why I’m Shaving My Head Bald

…and the blog post for Introduction Into Why I’m Shaving My Head Bald, for a bit of the back story and anything else you might miss with just the video.

Full Length – Shaving My Head Bald

…and the blog post for the full length version of Shaving My Head Bald. There is very little editing with this video but I managed to add a few more words to the post to round things out.

Part I – Shaving My Head Bald – Weepy Girl and Scissor Cuts!

Part II – Shaving My Head Bald – Using a #4 and #2 Clipper Guard…

Part III – Shaving My Head Bald – Using No Guard, Wrapping it Up and a Few More Tears!

…and the blog post for Part(s) I-III – Shaving My Head Bald – just in case you would rather not miss a thing, by word or video. 🙂

From Bob to Bald in (under) 3 Minutes!

…and of course, the blog post that fills in any blanks left you by this fast and furious version of me shaving my head bald!

Week One – One Guard Trim

…and don’t forget to check in with the blog post because you never know what I’ve added to make the update extra SWEET!

Hair It Is

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Hair It Is

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22 thoughts on “Hair It Is

  1. Hi

    Used to follow you on YT, found your YT post Only yesterday with the link to here. Keep strong Girl, we all Love you. Our prayers are with you XXXX John in the UK

  2. Oh my dear friend. How many times I have thought of you. I would have never found you here had your video not popped up in my feed on YT. I could not stop watching your vids. My heart is just overflowing with emotion and as the tears came down your cheeks, they also came down mine. I don’t know what your partial medical diagnosis is and it really doesn’t even matter. I can see the pain, depression, frustration, anger and fear in your eyes. But ya know what? Once I got past that, I could also see the strength, hope, love and determination. I’m not sure if you knew that I also struggle with daily physical and mental pain. And yes, almost 2 years ago, I almost accidentally took my own life. But that’s not important. What is important is that I got past that moment and you have too. Your desire for a new life, a new beginning, a rebirth is why I love you so much. You have a place in my heart and I will hold you in my thoughts and send up some prayers for you and your family. Your Gary sounds a lot like my Sterling, with endless amounts of support and love. Thank you for always Keeping it Real. I subbed to you here and look forward to following your journey.

    Love ya so much,
    Susan (ShrinkingSusieQ on YT)

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