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~~ Feature Post of the Week ~~

All I ask is that you appreciate the effort. Seriously. Watch it NOW!


~ watch the video above to get the goods about what's happening below ~

…this Hair It Is – page 2 will be updated at least weekly (with vids) and throughout the week(s) with other fun posts and stuff about hair (mine and yours and his and hers and…).So grab a snack, settle in, and prepare to get a little (less?) hairy with me…enjoy!

Week Two – One Guard Update

…and here is the blog post, where you will want to see what is coming as far as hair tips and tricks in futures vids and posts!

Week Three – No Shave, Just Some Shout Outs!

…of course, you’ll want to read the blog post to not miss a thing. Be sure to leave a comment and share the love, too!

Week Four – Some Shavin’ and Talkin’ Goin’ On!

…well you know there’s a blog post, by now! And a bit about President Obama in there, too! PLUS – I did randomly secret message you, in the vid. Yes, I did. 😉

Short, Medium, Long – What Hairstyle is Right for You?

Short, Medium, Long - What Hairstyle is Right for You?See ALL the after photos in this post (and the before shot, too) from my digital makeover at Good Housekeeping. This is also now, my most viewed post to date, on the blog. Scary but true. Enjoy!

Week Five “hair” Update – Discussing My Condition

…and the blog post, where I casually (or with great compulsion) admit that I didn’t remember it was ONLY week 5 hair update. I’m human. It happens. This update was ME putting myself out there in a way I haven’t ever done before. And there will be more. Stay tuned…

8 Must-Have Hairstyles for the Holidays

8 Must Have Hairstyles for the HolidaysJust in time to glam it up for the coming season of parties and celebrations – whatever it is and wherever you must go. Check out these 8 holiday hairstyles; perfect for any occasion. And YES – I’m playing Santa by actually giving you access to more 100 sizzlin’ styles to do it up right. Merry Happy Whatever You Celebrate but I prefer to say Happy Holidays because I like it, not because I’m leaving anything or anyone out and I could take longer to explain but this is all about the hair and you should get on to choosing that fabulous style…YAY!

Week 6 Hair UPDate – Blending 6-2-1.5

…I know. You want to read the blog post too. No worries, my wonderful friends. It’s right here and thank you for stopping by! Don’t forget, sharing is caring.

Week 7 Update – Turkey, Hair, and Papi!

…one of my funniest videos yet. (in my humble opinion) AND Papi makes an appearance! If you need more info about that, check out the blog post, right here! YAY!

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