Hair How-To: The Sock Bun (with pics)

Hair How-To: The Sock Bun (with pics)

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I know there haven’t been any hair videos in a few weeks but I wanted to begin writing about hair stuff a bit and since there was a wee little accident with my tripod (yes, the kiddo broke it and was horrified that she was in big trouble; but it was an accident. Truly.). What better time to share some fun and fabulous hair how-to’s than right now?!! This week we’re talking about the sock bun and Mags has graciously allowed me to photograph her implementing this easy-to-do hair how-to: the sock bun.

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The Sock Bun

As you can see from the above collage, start to finish, it isn’t all that complicated; though Mags and I did break it down with more pics because we. are. just. that. awesome. πŸ™‚ Plus, my lovely daughter has a couple other tips for those of you who wish to try this sock bun in your own hair. So let’s begin.

The Sock Bun

The Sock Bun - Gather all items needed.1: Gather the items you’ll need to complete this lovely hair how-to:

  • Hairbrush
  • One (or two*) hair ties
  • Sock
  • Scissors

The Sock Bun - Brush your hair out really well.2: Brush your hair out really well beforehand.

And it should be noted at this point that your sock should already be cut. We didn’t take any photos of this process; however, it is simple. Just cut straight across the toe of any old (or brand new if you wish) clean sock**.

The Sock Bun - Gather all your hair up...The Sock Bun - ...and using a good hair tie...The Sock Bun - ...put hair into a nice tight ponytail!





3: Gather all your hair into a neat and tidy ponytail.

Finger combing works best. Also, please consider using a hair tie that is safe for your type of hair.

The Sock Bun - Grab your prepped Sock.4: Next, grab your clean sock and roll it up. The Sock Bun - Roll it up.

This isn’t hard to do and shouldn’t be over-thought out. Just roll it up, as Mags is showing in the pic on the right!

You also don’t have to worry about what sort of sock to use (colored or plain), as it won’t show once you’ve completed your sock bun. Mags will have a couple more sock and sock bun tips below when we’re done laying out this fabulous picture tutorial. πŸ™‚


The Sock Bun - Slide rolled sock onto ponytail.5: Slide the rolled sock down your ponytail and The Sock Bun - Separate ponytail into two halves.separate it into two halves.

At this point, you’ll want to bring the rolled sock back up a bit, keeping the two halves separate from each other. Coordination is key here. If it seems a bit tricky, take a breath, it’s not. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze (or so I’ve been told by the kid).



The Sock Bun - Begin rolling hair down...

6: Begin rolling one side of hair…and then the other…The Sock Bun - ...on each side, evenly.

Be sure to tuck the ends of your hair neatly into the rolled sock bun and roll each side evenly down toward your scalp.



The Sock Bun - until both sides are rolled up under and into the sock.7: Be sure to keep each side even and as you get to the bottom of your ponytail (scalp). The Sock Bun - creating your bun, out of a sock.

You will feel the bun and it will be in good form; nice and tight against your head. You are almost done and ready to wear this sock bun in style!


The Sock Bun - For further hold, use another hair tie...8: Use your second hair tie to further secure your sock bun in place. The Sock Bun - ...the wrap around the entire hair sock bun.

Simply wrap it around the entire bun, at the base. This will ensure that your sock bun isn’t going to come undone until you remove it***. You may even be able to sleep in your bun if you want to; it’s not coming out until you take it out (unless you like to move about quite a lot during the night πŸ˜‰ ).



The-Sock-Bun-19The Sock Bun - Ta-DA!The Sock Bun - Complete!
And ta-DA! Your new do, the sock bun is done.
And that’s it. Just 8 easy steps to rocking your sock bun. Probably less, but the kiddo and I wanted to make sure it was clear from every angle. If you’re graced with a bit of natural curl, as Mags is, and want to use the bun to work that 80’s hair or some other wild and crazy curly style, use a little product beforehand…

The Sock Bun - If you want curls once your hair is dry in the bun, use product accordingly.

…and then sleep on it. When you awake in the morning, remove your bun, scrunch, spray, and style.

The Sock Bun - The curls after one sleep and some scrunching with spray.

Mags needed a bit of a curly bouffant type of hairstyle for her school play (she was Madame de La Grande Bouche in Beauty and the Beast – a bit of vids to come…) and so we sock bunned it up the night before and it was perfect for her day performance, as well as for the evening one, with just a little touch up needed in between.

Β Oh, and those quick little tips from Mags?

*The second hair tie is not necessary unless you want to make absolute sure your sock bun isn’t going anywhere.

**A clean sock from the wash is fine to use but make sure the kid(s) aren’t cutting up all their socks; otherwise your mom will go crazy when she’s folding clothes and you might get in trouble if you run out of socks to wear on your feet.

***Make sure you use hair ties (elastic bands) that are right for your hair. If they are too thick or thin, depending on how thick or thin your hair is, you might get frustrated if it doesn’t hold. Ask your mom to make sure she buys the right kind for your hair.

MOST IMPORTANT!! This sock bun can be done on medium length and long hair. I learned how to do this from watching several YouTube videos. Over and over again. Until I got it right. It’s not that hard but it can be a pain in the butt until you get the hang of it. Just be patient and you will get there. Then you’ll have a cool new way of doing your hair.



Well, folks. There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this hair how-to: the sock bun. It was a fun collaboration for me and the kiddo. She’s a rock star who is always coming up with interesting things that have me thinking, “hmmm, that could be a blog post…” So, rest assured, more of these co-authored posts, coming soon.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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