Happy Birthday, Harry!

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Happy Birthday HarryThis month is Harry’s birthday month. Happy Birthday, Harry! And while he’s no Prince, he does share his special day with another really awesome guy, my dad. I hadn’t actually planned to write about that guy this month but when I discovered that Harry shared his day with my dad and then when I found out what Harry was doing for his birthday…

…I’ve completely confused you already, haven’t I?

Let’s begin again. This month is Harry’s birthday month.

Happy Birthday, Harry!

If you don’t know Harry, perhaps you should. He’s kind of cranky at times, downright snarky other times, and can be quite cocky and ridiculously honest most of the rest of the time.

Otherwise, he’s got a huge heart of gold.

Shhhh. Don’t tell him I said that. He works really hard to keep that part super secret.

I think.

Anyway. Since he’s celebrating his birthday this month, Harry decided to do something a little differently. Seems he’d heard about some friends who were going through some troubles and so he decided to throw a birthday bash of sorts.

With your help.

Harry wants to help his friends. And he’s come up with a crazy unique way of doing so where everyone benefits. A little for him (he having traveled all the way here from way over there to go back to school for a time) and a lot for them – two of whom also happen to be on my list of people being supported this month.

I told you. These folks need our help.

And this is one of those amazing things I was talking about earlier today – wouldn’t it be awesome if…

There are good people out there, those who want to help, and who are doing it in the best way they know how.

Happy Birthday, Harry. I hope it’s your best one yet. For everyone’s sake!

~ Cheers

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If you are able to, help Harry have a Happy Birthday by clicking the above fundraiser. Donate, share it, tell your friends and family. Pay it forward, give back, and help at the human level. There’s just no reason not to! 🙂

And to you, Dad ~ we’ve still got some time this month before the anniversary of your birth arrives. I miss you and love you, true. Someday we will celebrate together again. ♥

How do YOU celebrate your birthday in style? Give us your best dressed in the comments below… 😉



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