Hello WordPress, My Old Friend…

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InformedSharing - WordPress - HelloI got my blogging start on WordPress, back in 1900 and…oh, wait. Wrong century. Heck, I haven’t been to that old .com at WordPress in so long that the email address I used to get in there is no longer valid. No worries, I’ll do some digging and figure it all out. I’m just happy to be back and with my own site. Informed Sharing. I’m not going to get all detailed with this first post; this is merely a test of sorts. Getting my feet wet, seeing what all the doo-hickeys are about. I still have to build the site, migrate over from another platform, and point the actual domain to WordPress. But boy HOWDY, I sure am excited to get going on this.

No time like the present, wouldn’t you say?

Stay tuned, I have plenty more in store for you, and I will share with you soon!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn

While you’re waiting for:

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