Hey, I KNOW That Birchbox Girl!

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Hey, I KNOW that Birchbox GirlRecently, I began seeing ads for Birchbox come across my screen and was interested first, because the usual…

…so and so of your Facebook friends likes BIRCHBOX.

Hmmm. Well, if so and so likes them, why don’t I? Let’s see what all the fuss is about.


…do they have an affiliate program?

Because that is where a LOT of my focus is these days. What with Informed Sharing being devoted to bringing its visitors interesting news in a personal and informative way for the betterment of all our lives.


So I clicked. Alas, no affiliate program. And I was busy that day, I admit. I didn’t really explore Birchbox in depth. No apologies here. I promise you, we’ll dig deeper at a later date because it does seem like something worth pursuing*.

HOWEVER. We are here today because…

Hey, I KNOW that Birchbox girl!

A few days after seeing my first Birchbox ad, Papi (the hubs, G) and I were lounging about and he said, “Hey, do you recognize this girl?”

And I replied, “Oh, that’s the new Birchbox ad. I’ve been seeing those all over; especially since I clicked on one at Yahoo, to see if they had an affiliate program. Now they are showing up on my site, on Persona Paper…”

(Thank you, Qadabra. You are targeting well and good!)

“NO”, he said. “Do you recognize this girl?”

“Well, it looks like Astrea”, I said, squinting a little at the phone.

“It IS Astrea”, he said, rather pleased that I nailed it, apparently.

AS IF I wouldn’t know his leading lady from Detour – the suspenseful short film he and co-director Dean Merrill shot late last year right here in Portland, Maine.

On the BIRCHBOX ads. OMGosh.

I’m trying not to sound all star struck but OMGOSH.

It’s kinda wicked cool, ya know.

And do you wanna know something even more wicked cool?

So is she. Wicked cool and…

…incredibly lovely and sweet and really kind and…I might be gushing now.

But seriously.

Astrea Campbell-Cobb. The Birchbox girl.

Really wicked cool. Ya know? Yah. I KNOW. 😉

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn

*worth pursuing: so I did a bit more digging in the researching of this post. It seems there is a rewards program at Birchbox. I haven’t signed up and don’t know all the ins and outs of it but I will be looking into it further. It’s on my TA-Do list, for sure!

Feature Image Attribution – Screen Shot, Sandra Lynn – Birchbox.com

Right Side Image: Astrea Campbell-Cobb – Attribution: Detour, MEROBI Films, 2013
(editor’s note: it’s dark on purpose, no editing has been done, per special request because “it’s a dark movie”.)

For a sneak peak of Gary and Dean’s thriller short Detour, please peep the trailer here:

courtesy: Dean Merrill, MEROBI Films via Vimeo

OH – you didn’t know my husband, Gary Robinov makes MOVIES? Check him out here! I’m not proud or anything… 😉

♥ Congrats Astrea ♥

You deserve


that comes your way! 



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