How to Crochet the Perfect Granny Square – visual instructions included!

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I am so excited to show you how to crochet the perfect granny square. In all my 20 years of crocheting, this was one pattern that I always wanted to master. It wasn’t until my mom got me hooked on crochet vids at YouTube, that I realized that I could DO THIS. I can crochet the perfect granny square. (Thanks, Momma ♥)

And I’m going to show you how, too. Well…

Bella Coco is going to show you. This crocheting YouTuber is one of my favorites. She offers easy stitch learning that is enhanced by how well she explains it. Not only did I quickly learn how to crochet the perfect granny square, once I’m done making all those little squares (23 left to go), Bella Coco has another vid that will show me how to connect them all. No worries, I’ll share that with you, too. I’m super excited about this whole project (more on that, soon).

But first?

the Perfect Granny Square

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Before you set about watching Bella Coco’s video, you’ll need to gather a few things:

  • Yarn
  • Hook
  • Scissors

the Perfect Granny Square yarn

You want to make sure you are using the right gage hook for whatever yarn you are working with. I am learning the extreme importance of this.

For this baby yarn? A 4mm is recommended. I actually started making squares with a 6mm and was half way done with those before I realized I needed to move down 2 sizes. It has made all the difference in creating a perfect granny square or two…

the Perfect Granny Square two squares

…or more…

the Perfect Granny Square squares

Aren’t they the cutest and most perfect granny squares? I can’t wait to connect them all. 🙂

But now?

Let’s have Bella Coco show us all how to crochet the perfect granny square:

video courtesy of Bella Coco – Sarah-Jayne at YouTube
It really is that simple to create the perfect granny square.

And if I seems that I am super excited about this whole crochet thing? I am. And I have lots more in store for you. Including this finished baby blanket. Stay tuned.


Sandra Lynn



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And what is YOUR favorite crochet stitch or pattern?



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