Informed Sharing 2014 – How I Ended Up Here

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Informed Sharing 2014 Several weeks ago I saw an ad on Facebook for a third party ad network; an alternative to Google AdSense. This is significant for several reasons, not the least of which, I’d been badly burned by AdSense almost three years ago and while I have long since gotten over it, I recently revisited the story here, bringing up a lot of the old feelings of bitterness, cluelessness, ignorance, and with meaningless rantings of yesteryear.

I don’t regret writing out that sad Google AdSense story. And had Y!CN not announced their closing, had I not been on the phone with a fellow writer, had I not been cruising Facebook that morning…

…let’s just say that I believe everything happens for a reason.

Want to know why today, 08.08.14? Sad and Happy Today – It’s Weird!

Enter Informed Sharing 2014 – How I Ended Up Here

After signing up with this Google AdSense alternative (and yes, I’m going to talk about them – they deserve their very own post(s) for sure – I went about dusting off my Blogger blog, Informed Sharing. To my surprise, it wasn’t in too bad a condition, though it needed some updating. And a facelift. Some tweaks and nips here and there.

Until I realized I couldn’t stay at Blogger one minute longer.

Yes. I’m going to talk about THAT too. This post here is a personal one – I’m going to do a whole series of personal and informative posts about just how the whole re-introduction to Informed Sharing went down. No worries.

So, within one week of joining a brand new (to me) ad network, deciding to return to blogging, and dusting off Informed Sharing, I moved the whole darn thing over here to WordPress, hosted by the fabulous

(Please Note: the above link is my affiliate link. Please read here for full affiliate disclosure. I do not share, endorse, or promote people/places/things I do not believe in 100% and neither should you. 🙂 )

Fast forward several more weeks and here we are officially re-launching Informed Sharing to the world.

And the crowd goes wild.

Or so I imagine in my head. YAY!

I certainly am excited about all that we have planned for this place. I say we because though it is mostly me behind the scenes, I do have a team of sorts in place, to help me run things. This will become more apparent as we grow here.

And we want your input, too. [pullquote-right]Informed Sharing is about sharing personally and informatively for the betterment of all our lives. I began it that way back in 2011 and I am carrying it on in 2014 – mind, body, and spirit.[/pullquote-right]

Bigger and better. Believe it. 🙂

As I wrap up this first OFFICIAL post of the new ‘n’ shiny Informed Sharing, I encourage you to have a peek around. I’ll be offering up a tour in the coming weeks but for now, be sure to bookmark the homepage and check in often for the latest news (updated weekly on Saturdays for now).

Informed Sharing Schedule?

I’ll be blogging M-F (1-3 times per day) and offering fun and fab stuff at Tina’s Kitchen and Your Top 8 each week, as well. Stay tuned for what’s to come from The Juice Life, soon, too. I’m just so darn excited about all of it that I can barely sit still.
Make a Plan for Your Blog/Website
Kinda hard to type when I’m bouncin’ around like that. 😉 YOU try it! Alrighty, we all best be getting on with our Friday. I’m still doing some last minute sprucing before I start my first week of full on blogging. Expect some serious how-to’s as I get rolling next week with my how to build your better blog series; among many other wicked good things – coming your way…

Informed Sharing 2014. Sharing personally and informatively for the betterment of all our lives – mind, body, and spirit.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn

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