Instant Access to $500+ in Prizes – Our June Giveaways

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Want instant access to all 3 of our giveaways in June? Of course you do. And you will find it right here. The prizes for these giveaways total more than $500 and there is something to be won for everyone. With multiple entry options and no rules about only entering one – you CAN enter all three giveaways to win!


Instant Access All Three Giveaways June

Now, you may certainly visit all three blogs to enter any one or more of these June giveaways. We would love it if you did, thank you kindly. Down below I am sharing all three giveaways to give you instant access without having to wander all over the internet. And we do thank you for stopping by.

So here you are, instant access to all three of our June giveaways:

Our crafting giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Our health and wellness giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Our cookin’ good giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

…and don’t forget, you may receive up to 10 extra entries for sharing any one or all three of these giveaways. As all three are tiered so that you may have the chance for runner-up prizes, you will want to spread the good word about them all, to increase your chances of winning!

You also may find complete rules (there aren’t a whole lot of rules, but there must be some) at each blog and you may visit those by clicking each of the images below:




I wish everyone a hearty GOOD LUCK and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Sandra Lynn



Have you seen this brilliant grocery shopping hack? You’ll never buy groceries the same way again!

And check out what Tina does with the paper towel for her Salad in a Jar! Now why didn’t I think of that?

Are you looking for a high protein shake? Look what I made here! So freakin’ good that I’d marry it if I could! 🙂

What would you like to win in JULY?

Yes, we are already planning the next giveaways and YOU can have a hand in helping us choose the prizes. Let us know in the comments below: 



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  1. I’m a nutty crafter. I’ve done it ALL. Even quilling, years ago. Right now I sew, quilt, knit, paint, make an occasional doll wig and color for relaxation. I’m thinking about getting some of those new chalk paints and doing some small pieces of furniture….

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