Instant Access – Two Giveaways – worth $100 – enter to win now!

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If feels weird not doing a giveaway here at Informed Sharing, this month. But I wanted to still give you instant access to our other two giveaways, going on now at our sister sites. Worth a total of $100 and ending 12.22.16, these two giveaways are smaller and just as easy to enter as all the rest.

Two Giveaways

There are several reasons why we only did two giveaways this month. As far as Informed Sharing is concerned, you can read all about that, here. Two other reasons are: I needed a financial break (to be honest), and I wanted folks to have whatever winnings before Christmas, just in case you have last minute shopping to do. I get it. I’ll be doing quite a bit of that, myself.

So you want instant access to our two giveaways in December?

Enter to win @ 6 Miles Daily:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter to win @ The Gluten-Free Foodsmith:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
You’ll note that you can enter to win both, right here, with multiple entry options, too. I do encourage folks to visit each of these two sites directly, as the more visitors we get, the more I can give away in the future.

More is good, right? Yes. When giveaways are discussed, more is always good.

So. If you are inclined, we much appreciate it, just click either pic to be taken directly to that site. Poke around and surprise yourself with all the goodies we’ve got around each of our sister sites.

@ 6 Miles Daily

@ The Gluten-Free Foodsmith

And stay tuned here and there and there for some seriously scrumptious updates, coming soon. Go enter to win and good luck to all!




Informed Sharing will relaunch in January. We’ll be bringing you another sister site by April 1st. And ALL will have monthly giveaways as we tear it UP in 2017. For now? Let’s get lost in the holidays and have some fun!

Need holiday hair? Click the pic below:

holiday hair

And let’s not forget the finger foods:

Two Giveaways - Finger Foods

Or maybe you are ahead of the game and have time for a tasty beverage:

However you do it, enjoy your holidays and spread the cheer!

How will you spend your December 2016 winnings?



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  1. If I won an Amazon card, I would spend it on things that we would be buying anyway (presents, whatever) and put the $50 I save towards our savings :-).

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