Insurance Woes, New Meds, and Catching Up with You!

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Whew. There is a LOT going on over HERE right now. I’m not going to overwhelm you with all the details but I thought it best to pop in and give you some highlights. Catching up with you on occasion is good for both of us – keeps us all aware of what’s going on and what’s to come…

Catching up with you, it's spring and time for a new headshot, dontcha think?!! :) So…

Insurance Woes.

Seems my Insurance Company is rather reluctant to reduce the price of the medication I need and I can’t afford it otherwise. Well, it’s a choice, really. Feed the family or take my meds.


They offered instead that I begin another medication that is similar to what I am supposed to be taking AND they cover it. NOT the same but might work just as well…

Okay. Well if you say so – INSURANCE COMPANY.

PS: I am thankful that I have insurance. I just don’t understand the “rules” sometimes.

New Meds.

Just some of my meds over the last year or so...

So, I started a new medication recently. I intensely dislike taking pills and up until this chronic condition began, I rarely downed any of those things. I would rather know the pain and figure it out with alternative methods, than mask it and not be able to make it better or disappear altogether.


After more than a year of dealing with all these health issues (forget the 24/7 migraine that has NEVER been dealt with reasonably or properly), I am more easily manipulated into the idea that “this new med” might work and give me BACK MY LIFE.

Hasn’t happened yet but we’re still working on it – this is only the second they’ve tried for the Fibromyalgia. I already don’t like it but am SERIOUSLY trying to stay positive because I don’t want to give off any negativity and have the pills fail because…

Oh never mind. It’s a state of mind. Ya feel me?

That said…

Catching Up with You!

I’ve decided to take a few days off.

Sort of.

Not really but…

So, this post here will be it until Tuesday (I know…she never posts on Tuesdays…) when I’ll have a special posting up for my feature at #SoMe2. I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to once again party with these fine fellow bloggers.

If you have no idea what I’m going on about, go here. This social media linkup is phenomenal and I am very honored to have won the guest host spot. This week (Mar. 17) is Instagram and it’s going to be a FAB Fest for everyone. Stop on by.

Then we’ll both have a little break again until Friday when I share with you 3 WEEKS worth of whole house organization. Given the tasks over the last 3 weeks (next week included), I wanted to combine them into one post, anyway, so it works out well for all.

If you HAVEN’T heard about me taking part in the 52 weeks: whole house organization challenge, you may catch up here and find all the weeks right here! We’ll be 11 weeks in with next Friday’s post and we are GETTING ORGANIZED.

Yes. I’m yelling a bit here, throughout. It’s my mood, not cranky but determined AND excited. #truth


I’m not just going to be resting and letting these new meds work their magic (though, the hubs would probably appreciate if I did, but…). I’ve got tons of back end stuff to sift through and catch up on. I’ll be working on that throughout my little down time.

Stuff like:

  • Redoing Shop and Save!
  • Building Your Daily 8!
  • Brainstorming the welcome page! (Need a good lead page there.)
  • Guiding Tina with her build (yes, she wants to learn from scratch and this website is going to be GOOD! Plus, there’ll be a book from this, YAY!)
  • And catching up with you and you and you in general.


Enjoy the break, stay tuned for what’s to come, and don’t forget to check out #SoMe2’s Tuesday link up. It’s a party you don’t want to miss if you are looking to meet new blogging friends and make genuine connections.

And trust that I won’t be far from this box if ya need me – you know where to find me.

“See” you soon,

Sandra Lynn



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