Is Grumpy Cat Being Used? ABUSED?

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Grumpy Cat MemeI read an interesting post the other day. Something that caught my eye at one of the social/writing sites I belong to – Persona Paper. In the post, the writer was discussing the possibility that Grumpy Cat, the miserably faced little kitty we’ve all come to know and love, might actually be an exploited animal. You may read all about right here.

I took an interest because he brought up a couple good points. I’m not going to spoil his post for you but I will say that it compelled me to further my own knowledge of this supposed grumpy feline.

First, I learned that this miserable looking cat is female. My PP Peep actually told me this. It gave me pause. Why do we – because I am not the only one – assume that Grumpy Cat is a boy?

Is it because she’s GRUMPY? Do we assume that’s a male thing? Girls get grumpy too. Though I don’t think we (humans) call it that, usually. Hmmm…

Just a little something to noodle while I move along here.

So I did some more research.

Is Grumpy Cat being exploited?

Used? ABUSED? This is serious, people. I actually had a wee bit of guilt because I hadn’t thought of it in that way before. I’d seen all the memes on Facebook.

(For all the Grumpy Cat memes you could ever want, go to QuickMemes to get your fill. Some of them are NSFW and NKF – FYI. You will giggle; if you like that sort of thing.)

ANYway. That grumpy-faced cat has been passed around the internet more times than (insert some inappropriate person who’s been pass…ugh. Just let’s move on, shall we?)…

The cat is famous. She has her own commercial. The hubs and I saw her on the idiot box just the other night. He said, “Huh. That grumpy cat has his own commercial.”

(The hubs didn’t know he was a she, either.)

Crazy. Crazy Grumpy Cat, teaming up with the Bee from Cheerios. I love Cheerios. Yum!

Good for her. Unless…what if it’s not. What if she hates all this and would rather just be a regular cat. Spending her days hanging out doing what regular cats do. I know our cat, Pumpkin could show her a thing or two about how to be a regular cat – a happy cat, if you will.

Not that Pumpkins is any old happy cat, mind you. I’ll be exploiting her in future posts…

Oh Em Gee.

What if that’s how it all began?

I didn’t research all that far with this. Grumpy Cat has her own website; complete with a blog and merchandise, as well as official Grumpy Cat Apps AND you may find out more about this supposedly grumpy cat right there on the site.

I won’t spoil anything for you – it’s worth a peek.

My thoughts?

We’re human. We all (well, most of us with a heart who have the mushy capacity to go AWWWWW and OHHHHHH and LOLOLOLOL at cute and silly and furry things) have a tendency to glom on to the next in thing.

Grumpy Cat is riding a fantastic wave of stardom because her parents (human or not, they are raising her, right?) posted a pic and it went viral. It happens. Several pics, memes, some YouTubing, a blog/website, Facebook page, commercial, and upcoming movie later and Tardar Sauce (her “normal” name) is now famous.

No one expected it. It happened.

She doesn’t appear truly unhappy, despite her face OR the words humans keep attaching to it. As long as her parents are treating her right in all the ways a fur kid deserves…

What do you think – Grumpy Cat. Used and Abused or Luckiest Miserably Faced Cat in the World?

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



Grumpy Cat Image Attribution: via (linked above) ~ for all the Grumpy Cat stuff you could ever want!

Pumpkin the Cat Image Credit: Sandra Lynn 2014. All Rights Reserved.




5 thoughts on “Is Grumpy Cat Being Used? ABUSED?

  1. Her parents did defend themselves a bit on her about me page and she does seem to be well taken care of so I tend toward your thinking that she’s super loved. On the other hand, you’re also right about pet stress. I just wonder how far they’ll go with this…

  2. As long as they’re treating her right and not stressing her out just for the sake of getting photos, then it’s probably okay. Hopefully her pet parents love and care for her and realize that unlike people, an animal can’t handle massive stress and such from stardom, being carted around and so forth. Hopefully she’s just another super-loved fur baby who just happens to be making her people famous.

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