It Cannot be December Already – catching up.

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I cannot believe we are in the last month of the year – it’s December already. Where did the time GO? I am trying to get caught up with everything and cannot believe Christmas is almost here.


How did my emails rise to more than 1000? How is it possible that I’ve only posted a handful of times since July? And how have I managed since then?

Let’s catch up.

First of all, I am changing the way we do things around here. This will begin taking place after the first of the year. (2016. Really. Wow.) I am still unsure just how everything will shake out, but we will be improved. Stay tuned.

Tina is still going strong as The Gluten-Free Foodsmith and I am so happy for her and proud for all her hard work. One thing I will be doing, moving forward, is guest posting over there a few times a month. So excited for this and to give Tina a tiny break from the kitchen. My posts will be food centric and lots of fun, so please stop by and enjoy.

I have begun writing my health story and will share it in chunks on 6 miles daily. I have said for months and months that I am going to get it all out, and that process – though heavy – is going well. Along with my personal journey, I will be sharing other fun stuff about health and weight loss and just being healthy – making smart lifestyle choices – daily. I’ll keep you posted about it, coming soon.

About my health…

Since going on hiatus, after realizing that I needed to really focus on my health, I’m doing better. It was a bit rough these last several months, but I feel better as I write this, mind. body. spirit. And I am so excited about what is to come for all of us because of what I’ve been through.

I want to thank EVERYBODY who has stuck it out with me (even when I’ve remained mum about some things). I thank you for your understanding and kindness and LOVE. I am truly blessed for my family and friends – online and off. Even if sometimes I just plain suck at staying in touch.

I do hope you will join me as we forge this positive path and that we will continue to grow for the betterment of all our lives!


Sandra Lynn




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And stay tuned for my stocking stuffers post, coming soon – we’re going to fill those stockings with all kinds of goodness, stay tuned!

Oh and Happy Holidays to you all. This is a giving month, no matter what you celebrate – just be happy!

Happy Holidays - December 2015



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  1. Really glad to have you back, San! I’m really grateful that your health is finally improving. Taking care of yourself to get back to where you need to be should always be the priority. I know all about that myself.

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