Sometimes It Does Just Plain Suck – Life Lesson #2

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Call “it” whatever you want, sometimes it does just plain suck. Whether you’re talking about life, love, happiness in general, or any other specific thing – you may come to a time where something doesn’t or even nothing seems to be going right.

It happens.

It Does Just Plain Suck

And I’m here to tell you that it’s actually okay.

Sometimes it does just plain suck.

In life, in all things, there has to be a balance. And even though I do believe you can achieve perfection in your life, you will go through some not so perfect times, too. And it will suck. I said.

Without the balance of good and bad, not sucky and sucky, yin and yang – you will never understand one or the other.

If everything is always good, you won’t ever realize what it means for anything bad to happen. And if everything is always bad, you’d never know what having it good feels like.

Though, if you looked at the world from a positive place, perhaps you’d also never know good or bad – just what it is…

Tis what it is!

Bottom Line?

The balance of good and bad in our lives is necessary. As long as we don’t wallow in the misery of it, when it just plain sucks – instead, work ourselves back to the good we know can be found – we will thrive, rather than merely survive, this life.

Even when sometimes it does just plain suck.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



“it”. Whatever it is, if you find (whatever) too much to handle, please consider seeking the help of a professional. We all go through low times and admitting you need help and then reaching out for it, is a big step toward having a life that doesn’t have to just plain suck most of the time.

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