Jim Carrey Judged for $225 Tip in New York

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The short definition of “judge not, lest ye be…” is this: if you judge, prepare to be judged. And by the end of this post, some may say that I have judged. Perhaps. And I accept that I may then be judged. It’s an unending and potentially exhausting thing. Though I’m not sure being judged was what Jim Carrey had in mind when he left a $225 tip at a trendy New York eatery, recently. Jim Carrey judged?

For doing a good thing?

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Yah. Well. I think there is most always room for someone to pick. And some pick pick pick without even knowing they are doing it.

AND pick, is what someone did about Jim Carrey’s generosity.

Maybe she thought the prayer before the judgement made up for it…

…in part…

I pray for Jim Carrey, especially in his time of confusion… Love him. Shake him to the core and please make it an “action, not words” scenario. I thank you and hold in faith that this is possible knowing that “what good Father, when his child asks for bread, gives him or her a stone…”

thereafter, she called him out for not being generous enough:

Yeah yeah I like this guy BUT … I’m not easily impressed!!!! A tip is nice and all but with all HIS money why not give it to a homeless shelter or needy children/families…

 Huh. Because how does she know that he’s got ALL THAT money and what if he has donated to homeless shelters and/or needy children/families? Perhaps those sorts of generosity simply weren’t mentioned. Not that they didn’t matter, they just didn’t get found out or deemed important enough to write about.
Kinda like when we’ve tipped well when out – more sometimes, than others. No one finds that important. And probably no one will write about it (‘cept me, to prove a point), either.

And what is the point?


To be more careful with our interpretations of any given situation. To remember that there are two sides to the “paper”. And, of course, try not to judge. Oh, heck, we all do it. It’s just better if we work really hard not to.
As for my judgement of the person responsible for the above judgement? I have no justification, other than to try and make a point (please see above). And if I am judged for this, so be it. I will own my words. Just informed sharing.
Wednesday Rant or Life Lesson? 

Bottom line?


Jim Carrey did a cool thing. Let’s not go on and on about he should have done. Just take a moment to feel good about what was done. We should all want more of those (moments), anyway.
Sandra Lynn

Her full (Jim Carrey Judged) post: 

Jim Carrey Judged

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I did a little research:

Original – Jim Carrey does something nice – post can be found here. 

Blackouts done to protect the… person who wrapped up a prayer with a judgement. You’re welcome.

Wednesday rant or lesson learned? You decide…



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