Our July Giveaway Winners ARE…

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Our July Giveaway winners are…

But first, a tiny rant about Time Warner Cable and scheduling.

I specifically chose today for the cable/internet install at our new place. I thought it odd that I hadn’t received a call to confirm anything. So I rang them up and discovered that they have my appointment set for Thursday. I never would have scheduled for Thursday, as G needs to go in and get his shot for his back. ALL this was planned with precision. I am currently waiting for dispatch to call me back, to see if they can squeeze me in today. I’m not holding much hope, as they are super booked, today and tomorrow. I will say that I had a great service call with the person who set all this up. And I know I confirmed for today, more than twice.

So yah. I’m irritated. This DOES push back when I start August Giveaways. I had hoped to surprise everyone with all three, beginning Friday. Yah. No. It’ll be Monday, fingers crossed. Glad I gave myself that contingency, but STILL…

…and you don’t really want to hear about all this. I’m good with that. You want July Giveaway winners and I have them right here.

July Giveaway Winners

Our July Giveaway Winners Are…

The Gluten-free Foodsmith – $100 Amazon Gift Card:

Kelly T.

Congrats Kelly, and thank you for joining in our giveaway fun over at GFF. Your prize is on its way to you. Happy shopping to you, too.

6 Miles Daily – $100 Amazon Gift Card or $100 PayPal Cash:

Marie L. 

She also chose the Amazon Gift Card and YAY for her. Congrats again, Marie, glad you could play along with us in July. Have a blast spending this Amazon cash, it’ll be in your hands soon.

Informed Sharing – $100 PayPal Cash:

Katy M.

Now. I gotta tell you all true. Katy won one of our giveaways last month (June) and she lucked out in July by winning again. I have no rule that says a person can’t enter OR win consecutively and Katy did her due by tweeting (a daily entry option) the contest as much as she could. I absolutely could have disqualified her and chosen someone else for this July prize; however, it didn’t feel right. I’m not playing favorites here. Rafflecopter randomly chooses and Katy was fortunate enough to win again.

The best part of it was her email reply to me, asking if she should take a break for a couple months of giveaways, to be fair. Absolutely not. Each contest is anyone’s game and we give everyone plenty of opportunities to get in and win. I am thankful for Katy’s loyalty and dedication to scoring some (PayPal) cash in July.

We had more than 15,000 entries for our July Giveaways and I am so thankful for everyone who participated. I can’t wait to get August Giveaways going and am hopeful for a great giveaway (x 3) for all. I am blown away by the wonderful comments we received at each blog and how so many planned to spend their gifts on other folks. School supplies/clothes seemed to be the most popular, as well as birthday treats and household items.

What a great bunch of entrants in our July Giveaways and congratulations again to our July Giveaway Winners. Please stay tuned, I will have August Giveaways up and running next week.

Until then, enjoy yourselves and each other.


Sandra Lynn



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