Week 3: Whole House Organization: Kitchen Pantry and Spices

Week 3: Whole House Organization: Kitchen Pantry and Spices

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Here we are in week 3 of our whole house organization and it is time to work on the kitchen pantry and spices. Thankfully once again, we already had that covered after G went through and redid the kitchen after Christmas. Truth be told, however, we’ve never had a lot of pantry space where we live and that keeps us relatively honest and neat/clean/organized about what goes where.

Kitchen Pantry and Spices

In reviewing Taylor’s suggestions for organizing one’s kitchen pantry and spices, I discovered that we are following along her general guidelines as best we can, given our tight spaces; but could possibly be a tad more neat/organized, perhaps, on top of the fridge. An area that is necessary due to our lack of space elsewhere.

You may note that our cupboards seem pretty bare at the moment – they are. I’ve been sick with the flu and then passed it along to the hubs (because I am a good sharer) and we haven’t been to the grocery this week. PLUS, we really do try to stay away from processed foods as much as we can.

(I know, I can’t justify the Doritos on top of the fridge – at least they are in the chip basket. Moving on…)

Further, we keep two beautiful handmade bowls on the counter (as you may have seen in this post) for fruit and veggies (potatoes, onions, garlic) and a banana hanger for that fun fruit.

I like to think we have a pretty good handle on our food storage situation. We’ve got our zones (as Home Storage Solutions 101 suggests):

  • Starches
  • Baking
  • Canned goods, etc.
  • Cereals, snacks, munchies

And except for Pumpkin’s (that darn cat ♥It's a Pumpkin Thing....you wouldn't understand!) wet food, which she gets as a treat and not every day – her dry food is stored where she eats (to be explained later in the year, I imagine).

About Those Spices?

I love my spice rack. G bought it for me several years ago and it’s great for this narrow little cupboard shown here:

Kitchen Pantry and Spices

As you can see, smaller bottles and larger ones fit just fine. We seem to have organized it by accident on purpose, as what we use most often are the ones you’ll find on the bottom rack.

Extra spices are stored atop the rack, oils on the next shelf up, and all within easy reach of the stove – which works perfectly, no matter who is cooking it up in the kitchen.

I’ll admit, we haven’t done a heck of a lot to make this apartment kitchen our own in the 2+ years that we’ve lived here. There is wasted wall space and with recent organization, extra cupboard space…

…but within this first 3 weeks of our whole house organization, I’m pretty stoked to note that at least as far as our kitchen is concerned, we’re doing pretty darn swell in terms of organized space and keeping things neat.

I’m even seriously excited for week 4 already (refrigerator and freezer) wooHOO! Stay tuned!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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