Mags Room Challenge 2015 - from hoarder to heavenly in 4 easy steps!

Mags Room Challenge 2015 – from Hoarder to Heavenly in 4 Easy Steps!

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Finally, we are here. To the place we’ve all been waiting to be for 4 long weeks. Though it seems a much longer time has passed since Mags Room Challenge 2015 all began. And truthfully, it didn’t take us all this time to complete Mags’ room redo. Taking her from hoarder to heavenly in 4 easy steps really only required about two full weekends, plus a couple of afternoons after school.

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And, for a bit more honesty, if she hadn’t balked in the beginning (fussed and fought me on the overwhelming task before her), this whole Mags Room Challenge 2015 might even have been completed a whole lot quicker.

Mags Room Challenge 2015 - from hoarder to heavenly in 4 easy steps!

My office area de-clutter only took about 4 hours to complete, top to bottom!

The key thing to remember is 8 easy steps. Not quick. You may complete your de-clutter as quickly as you like; however, you best be sure you’re giving your room the attention it deserves.

And yes, we did already outline those 8 easy steps to de-clutter ANY room. So you certainly may skip this post, if you’d like. But if you’ve been following along with this whole thing, then you’ll want to see this through. #MagsRoomChallenge2015 begins here with how we accomplished bringing my tween from hoarder to having a heavenly hangout in 4 easy steps, our shared and personal perspective.

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Mags Room Challenge 2015 - from this to that!

Mags Room Challenge 2015 – from Hoarder to Heavenly in 4 Easy Steps

1 – Clear out EVERYTHING between you before you begin.

As this directly relates to me and Mags, these 4 easy steps for going from hoarder to heavenly here will be about our journey throughout. Chances are, you may be helping a loved one reduce some clutter and perhaps that clutter has been a source of friction between you. This first step is very important.

For me and Mags, there was plenty between us that needed clearing out before we began the actual de-cluttering of her room. Over the course of several years, her room had become a great mess for both of us, both to our physical eye(s) but also for our mental and emotional relationship.

So the clearing out included:

She knowing that no matter how gross it got in there, I wouldn’t explode.
Me knowing that no matter how gross it got in there, she would be receptive to my advice.Mags Room Challenge 2015 - Pile on the emotions!

Bottom line here?

If you are going to work together on this toward the common goal (a focused, functional, fabulous space), you must each and together, accept that things may get tense. Keeping your emotions in check will help you both get there. Sanely.

2 – Place all emotions, worries, and most importantly THE PAST into a pile…

Are you seeing the pattern here? We’ve already proven the concept of de-cluttering ANY room in 8 easy steps. But it’s not just about taking those steps, physically. This is an emotional journey, too.

For Mags and I to work together on this (and it was her working, me guiding), we had to put it all in the pile. ALL that had happened in the past in regard to how we’d handled the upkeep of her room.

Moving forward, we choose this way and forget whatever didn’t work before.

What didn’t work in the past?

  • She cleaning her room weekly (shoving, cramming, tossing stuff wherever to hide it from my – admittedly, most times – lazy inspections).
  • Me reaching the breaking point and simply doing it myself. Oh, how Mags may miss “Mommy Clean” but it wasn’t working.
  • My nagging, her being overwhelmed, our yelling at each other…

Putting ALL that into the pile – ugly as it may be – ensures that moving forward, you do so with an open mind that this space will remain heavenly – for all.

3 – Rid the trash, organize the pile, remove items that don’t belong.

Mags Room Challenge 2015Now that we can see all that stuff sitting there – all those emotions from each of us – we must now rid ourselves of the trash. The stuff that neither of us need and is no good for anyone to carry with them.

This is a hard step, multi-layered, and can easily become overwhelming if you let it.

So don’t. If you each have to take one piece of “trash” at a time, then DO that. The process of working through a hoarding situation has no time limit. And the mess didn’t happen overnight. You may not fix it that fast, either.

Remember that.

Once you have accepted what is unimportant and gotten rid of it, you will be better able to organize your pile with things worth keeping.

Discovering (or re-discovering) a love for something you’d forgotten.
Realizing it’s okay to save one item to remember but not 367 (this may take a minute or three).
Accepting that choosing to keep (or not) things, doesn’t give more or take away from, the memory of (whatever).

Once you’ve gotten to this point, you need to remove everything that just doesn’t belong in that space. ALL the old ideas you had about the importance of this or that; the misunderstanding about living in chaos; the belief that you’ll eventually catch up…

Again, this is not an easy step, whether you are doing this alone or with someone close to you. You must come to terms and work through this, in order to move forward.

4 – Regroup and Fill it back up.

By the time we got to here, Mags and I were in such a happy place that it was (quite literally) the difference between night and day. She and I had plenty of time to work through all 4 of these very important steps from hoarder to heavenly and I do believe that was a key factor.

Time.  But.

Have no fear, there were times throughout when I did forgo the “let this be a teaching life lesson moment here” and simply dropped the message:

Do this. Do that. Now move on. Go.

Once we had the opportunity to regroup, I realized several things that I kinda sorta knew but had been neglecting to name in this particular messy room situation.

  • Mags gets overwhelmed. (It happens to the best of us.)Mags Room Challenge 2015 - Fill it UP!
  • As do I. (see above)
  • I like to be in control.
  • So does she (and it is her space; point accepted, to a point).
  • We can both be lazy…lazy-ish…not putting certain things as our top priority.
  • Mags is a keeper of things.
  • Things do not equal memories.
  • She didn’t grasp that completely.

Taking ALL that above (and more) into consideration, we both realized that the reason her room was such a pit and wasn’t getting any better, was that neither she nor I knew how to approach it once it got to that point.

Employing my 8 easy steps to de-clutter ANY room really did work to get us where we needed to be from a physical standpoint; as well, these 4 easy steps to take her from hoarder to heavenly helped us reach a common ground psychologically.

We aren’t done yet.

Oh no. Each day is a new day and it’s still a struggle for her to keep things tidy.


She’s not attacking it from a place of chaos anymore.

And because she had a (very heavy) hand in clearing out the hoard, she has a much better understanding of how much she does NOT want it to get that way again.

So daily, she works smarter in every way with knowing that there’s a place for everything.
That getting nightly kisses from Mom is still cool.
And not having to waste entire weekends pretending to clean is the best gift of all.

Mags Room Challenge 2015 – from Hoarder to Heavenly in 4 Easy Steps.

Admittedly, one of the worst Panos I've ever shot. I know. Perhaps, it wasn’t the post you were expecting here. But it has to be noted. Getting rid of a massive amount of stuff – as you can see we did here – has many different side effects. The mental/emotional piece of this whole journey has been just as important as Mags’ room becoming livable for her physically.

And what a journey it has been. I wouldn’t change a thing. Mostly because I wouldn’t know how to. Looking back, I’m sure there were things that could have been done differently. You may view our 8 easy de-clutter any room method and make your own tweaks.

Bottom line here?

If you or someone you know is living in chaos, it is not just a physical issue. The mental and emotional impact of it can be devastating. Once you come to that realization, you may use these 4 steps outlined above, to pave an easier road to heavenly from hoarder.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



Please note: while I hold no degree in Psychology (I did study it for a time in college before being told by more than one professor that I should become a writer…yikes…), I am a student of life. All that I learn, moves me to the next moment, and also compels me to #PassItOn – whatever IT is. To that end…

How do YOU handle the hoard in your own life? Teach me something NEW!



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  1. Oh my gosh, her room looks incredible! I think I need to do this to every room in my house, lol. For me it’s the little places, inside the end tables, under the kids’ benches in the foyer (and IN them!), the bins of yarn stuffed inside bins which are stacked in the corner of my bedroom (I actually considered painting them blue and brown so they’d blend in with my room, so…. yes. I have a problem, lol.
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    • Thanks, Trish. The main thing is that it’s staying that way. She’s done an incredible job to maintain it and I’m terribly proud of her <3 And I SO VERY MUCH know where you are coming from in regard to where things ARE. Which is why I love this little 8 step method for completely de-cluttering it all. We are going room by room and I love the results so far. But LOL, need help painting OR organizing?? I'll stop by, we'll talk 😉
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