From May to June – Looking Forward

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Whew! What a crazy month May has been. Not a single thing happened the way I thought it would – mostly. Truly. The entire month was one big surprise after another. And quite a bit of it just not in the way I had wished.hoped.planned for. And so we go from May to June – looking forward. Onward and upward, as they say.

May to June - Looking Forward

A quick May recap? Oh, let’s do, shall we…

I wrote out my June calender (having finished up #MagsRoomChallenge2015) and was stoked to be so far ahead to have 30+ posts planned. Nothing was written but the working titles were done, as well as pics. The goal was to have a large percentage written (save for reviews and sponsored posts that came later) before the end of May.

As of today? I have the first week of June complete and it is KILLER with fabulous posts that I’m proud of, that you’ll learn from and take with stuff you can use and pass on…I’m not thrilled with my productivity but I’m confident that my consistency remained. I’ll take it.

Health wise, May was not good to me. I know I haven’t gone into a whole lot of detail about my health, here on Informed Sharing. I keep mentioning that I’m going to, yet I keep putting it off.

It’s. Just. Such. A. Thing.

Really. There are so many moving parts and that makes it incredibly overwhelming. Plus, new things keep cropping up. PLUS? I am not a whiner. Sorta. BUT. There are lessons to be learned from my struggle. So…I am noodling how best to present it all and soon, I will be dropping lines. Soon. I promise. Perhaps, some of you can relate to the fact that it is easier to discuss everything else BUT that closest TO you (which for me right now, IS ME).

Just know that with everything else going on, the health thing is right in there, too, and we are handling it the best we can. Still. Ugh.


G’s film, Raising Ali made it’s world premiere on May 25th and it was a screaming success. There was a lot happening surrounding that whole thing and though I only mostly played the wifely role for this flick, there was stuff to do and do it I did.

Mags didn’t get to go to this premiere but since it was simulcast, she got to watch it at home at the same time, here’s what she had to say on Instagram – what a sweet sweet girl she is.

So proud of @grobinov (p.s. he is my bonus dad) for making this incredible film love u so much and so proud #raisingali #pride #loveuwithhalfmyheartcuzigottasavesomeformom

A photo posted by Your Worst Nightmare (@life_of_mags) on

We also managed to squeeze one whole day to celebrate my/our Birthaversary in there and that meant a whole lot of fun, just us for a time, being US.

Did  you SEE the CAKE?

Best Birthday Cake EVER!

And so yah. May didn’t happen as planned. But as some great guy* once said, “life is what happens when you’re busy making plans…”

…so we continue. May into June – Looking forward, I’m ready. Ready to share all the messy to clean details about Mags’ room de-clutter, tips and tricks to organize your own home, plus more #LifeLessons, relationship helps, and some fab book reviews – just to name a few…

I’m ready, are you? See you in June!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



*some great guy – yah, that was John Lennon, just so’s ya know. 🙂 Though I may have paraphrased.

Photo collage credits: It is important that I get this right, so as to give credit where it is due.

Top: Mags room: clean, I snapped that; stay tuned, you’ll see MUCH MORE of that. And ALL the before and during…

To the left: Our resident director, Gary Robinov, preparing for Raising Ali at the premiere, snapped by Lucien Roberge (husband of the lovely Tina Marie, The Gluten-Free Foodsmith)

Side Right: My June Calender, in part. Screen shot by me.

Bottom Right: C and Me before leaving for the premiere of Raising Ali. Snapped by the fabulous ‘lil G. You remember, of the eyebrow wax?

Instagram Photo: My Mags, of course. Follow me around, please and thank you; but rest assured, we take note for her account!

Birthday cake: Well if you hadn’t heard that story by now, NOW you know! 😉

And how did YOUR May Go? What’s the HAPS for JUNE? Gimme the nitty GRITTY…



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