Mega M&M's

Are MEGA M&M’s the Next BIG Thing?

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Mega M&M's Recently, I happened upon a new thing in the candy aisle of our local Rite Aid. MEGA M&M’s. I was looking for a bag of regular M&M’s to go with the box of popcorn, as it was movie night at our house. You can’t have the popcorn without the M&M’s.

Well? I suppose you can. But we try to avoid that if possible.

So, I’m in the candy aisle and of course there are a plethora (too many?) of candies to choose from – including many different types of M&M choices. I’ve tried all but the dark chocolate (not a fan of the dark; too bitter for my taste) and don’t have a particular favorite – it’s a mood thing, for sure.

Quite honestly, candy is not a staple in our house; rather a treat. But I’m slipping off the topic. Now where were we?


Right in front of my eyes I see a bag that beckons to be lifted. What do we have HERE?

They are huge. We have to have them. They must be tried. If only once. Just to see what all the fuss is about.

(I don’t know if there was a fuss, really. Or if it was just my kiddo raising the level of excitement about how MEGA these M&M’s truly were.)

Well, we bought those M&M’s and I can tell you sure as I sit here today:

  • They are Mega
  • 3x the size of regular M&M’s – it says so right on the bag
  • They retain the same tasty flavor of regular M&M’s
  • Mega M&M’s taste great with popcorn
  • Less Mega M&M’s are required than regular with popcorn
  • We three in our house all love them
  • I’m inclined to purchase them again
  • Purchasing them again would make it our third bag bought since discovering MEGA M&M’s

Mega M&M'sYUM!

Bottom line?

I can’t tell you 100% whether MEGA M&M’s are the next BIG thing. I don’t have all the numbers in front of me. But I can say without a doubt, they do stack up (3x) against all the other M&M choices available and are definitely one to consider the next time you’re cruising the candy aisle.

~ Cheers

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