Mental Health Day – February 18th

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Today, February 18th, is mental health day. A day to take a wee little break from the usual (whatever that means) and step back a bit to reflect on some things. OR not reflect – if that will help you enjoy your mental health day better. All that is required on this mental health day is for you to stop what you’re doing and do something different…

Mental Health DayThat is what I’ll be doing today, anyway. Mental health day isn’t actually today*. I simply chose the date and made it so. Thankfully, working for (an often tough but fair) boss (that’d be me ๐Ÿ™‚ ), I am able to pick whichever day of the week (or month) that works for me. I choose. TODAY. February 18th. Mental Health Day.

Yes, I need a little time to take care of my mind. Which will then nourish my body and spirit. I don’t do this often (enough, probably) but it is recommended (those experts say) and while I am doing it in the middle of the week, you can mentally refresh whenever it fits into your schedule.


Make it fit. Somewhere. Often enough that you are staying on top of what is most important – taking care of you!

As it is Wednesday and I’m usually a bit hairy mid-week, I’m sharing the last two weeks of hair fun with you right here:

4 Tips for Taking Care of Winter Hair – no matter your cut, color, style, or type of hair, there are things to be learned about seasonal hair care within this post.

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Stay tuned on the hair / beauty front as the next 3 weeks are chock full of good reads, tips, and tricks. And yes, perhaps a video (or three) in there, too. Since the tripod broke, making vids has been a bit of an issue; but I’ve also been having a twitchy eye thing going on (chronic condition issues) and that does make it a little difficult to film. No worries, the hair is growing and I’ve not trimmed it since the last update.

Alrighty, I’m off to carry on with this mental health day. Remember to do the same for you every now and then. There is just no reason not to.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



Image via Death to Stock Photo. Edited using PicMonkey: fearless photo embetterment.

*I looked it up for those of you who may want to mark the date. Mental Health Day is scheduled for October 10th this year (2015) and is an internationally recognized “event”. With regard to what I’m doing here (and what you can do for you), taking a mental health day may happen whenever (reasonably) is necessary for your mind, body, and spirit!

Do you take a mental health day every now and then?



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