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Your Moment of Zen

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I need a moment of Zen. I figured that maybe you do too. It’s Friday and I thought I was prepared for the week – with the kiddo home from school (Spring Break) and Monday’s posts done for all three blogs. Going into the week? I was feeling pretty darn confident that I could work AND spend time with the kiddo.

Yah. No.

Zen - Do What You Can

I’ll spare you the details. But. It’s Friday and I am behind. Seems I am always just a moment or two behind.

I need a moment of Zen.

Do I have that kind of time?

To take a breath and not whine about everything I couldn’t get done this week?

Zen - Life Just Happens

Of course I do.

And maybe you need a moment of Zen, too.

Your Moment of Zen

Zen - ONLY Your Reaction

Just take a breath. In and out.

There. Your moment of Zen. And mine.


Sandra Lynn



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