My 3 Month Growth Spurt – It’s Happening Again!

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We all have growth spurts – even as adults. Those epic little moments (that can last for much longer than…) wherein you know something good will eventually come from it but while you are going through it, all sorts of crazy things are going on. Yah. My 3 month growth spurt here on the blog? It’s happening again.

And I didn’t even do the math until last night. This here was supposed to be a post about nails. But once I realized what was going on and why my brain wouldn’t couldn’t shut down – hasn’t been able to for a wee bit now – I just had to come here and throw it up at you.

3 Month Growth Spurt

My 3 month growth spurt.

Here’s what I mean. We began again in July. Officially re-launched in August, but let’s not split hairs.

By October (our first 3 months), we were rolling along pretty alright. Nothing really to write home about but I had just done a month long fundraising effort that had gone horribly wrong, in part (I firmly believe) because I just didn’t have enough visitors to Informed Sharing. I was really bummed by all that. Much more so than I let on then. On top of that, my physical health was not great (though it hasn’t been since Oct ’13, I was having a spike in worse days) and my hair was continuing to fall out.

So I shaved my head. Who doesn’t remember THAT?

We traveled along through the holidays quite fabulously, enjoying an INCREDIBLE growth spurt along these next 3 months to January. And with all that came a whole lot of other fun stuff.

  • Thousands and THOUSANDS more visitors.
  • Offers for me to write reviews and the like.
  • And the introduction of The Gluten-Free Foodsmith – my dear friend and fabulous food blogger, Tina.

During this time, between October to January, I also reduced my blog posting to 3 times weekly and this schedule has been good for me; for my readers, too (I think).

With all that above, a whole new world was opened to me about blogging and all that could be achieved by living this dream. I knew it was out there but it was closer now. It was reachable. I was on the right path and despite some bumps, I was staying on this road.

And now here we are to the next set of 3 months – my next 3 month growth spurt as passed. Almost to 9 months in celebration here at Informed Sharing since I (re) began in 2014. I’ve been noodling some things recently and it’s funny – not haha exactly – how the brain works…

…mine, anyway.

Every 3 months or so, I seem to come to some sort of cross roads or realization in regard to what I’m doing here and with my business in general.

Now, I also realize that anyone coming upon this may wonder what the heck this blog post even means and why am I bothering you with all this. It’s not a DIY or a review. It’s not hair tips or tricks; not even a life lesson or two. But there are some lessons scattered throughout and I’m not nearly done, either; so keep on if you can and thank you – you’re why I keep on keepin’ on, true.

So, here we are at the end of April and it’s been a fine 3 month chunk.

  • Tina’s doing so well at GFF.
  • Both sites are beginning to earn.
  • Which means we can both continue doing what we love.
  • Which is GREAT because people seem to really enjoy that.
  • And so do we.


I need some time to think. To regroup. To reconsider a few things. And to catch up on some stuff that I left hangin’ in that last 3 month chunk. Yikes.

I also want to get going on some new stuff.

I am currently slated to build 4 new websites, begin edit on one manuscript with a possible second (fingers crossed), and last but not least…

…I simply want to get back to WRITING.

I feel like I haven’t done THAT in quite some time.

Oh, I know. I write all the time. But I’m missing something. I lay my head down at night and thoughts swirl around like a mid west tornado at peak season and I’ve got no place to put them. I’m not getting them out. I’m not doing what I want/need/promised and I am feeling a tiny bit like a failure in that regard.


It’s okay to admit a fail.

And honestly? On the outside looking in, you would never know it. Numbers, financially, growth. You. Can’t. See. It.

It’s personal.

I’m only sharing with you because the struggle is real.

It’s part of this 3 month growth spurt, I know. But it’s still there and it has to be addressed.

(I really didn’t know how to write this post without sounding whiny, so I just decided to flow…)

So. 9 months in and where are we going with Informed Sharing?

Well, I’ve been noodling this a bit and I’ve got some immediate plans and some long-term thinkin’ going on. Let’s start with the immediate stuff. The long-term has to cook awhile longer…

First up?

May Posts will be light. I have certain obligations (reviews and the like) and I will fill those HAPPILY because I genuinely love doing reviews. When I first started doing them, I was a bit nervous, to be honest. I never want to sound pitchy or commercial-ly and I also want you to know that if I’m raving here about (whatever), it’s because I went after a certain product because I like it, use it, and 100% stand behind it. You don’t see disparaging reviews here at Informed Sharing because I don’t bad mouth. period. If it sucked, it went the way of the dodo bird. period.

That said, going forward, I will still be doing reviews but will also get back to making videos, writing about more than just life lessons, and diving into some more collaborative stuff with the kiddo. Some of that may or may not be sponsored, but it will be me – writing for the betterment of all our lives: mind. body. spirit.


May is my birthday/anniversary month and I’m not going to go on and on about it. You can read about our special day here. Yes, more of this sort of writing every now and again. I miss this…


Recently, I was given some rather crappy/FANTASTIC (depending on your view) news about my health. And it’s going to take some time to work through all that. Which means I need to refocus my efforts on managing my chronic illnesses (yes, multiple – don’t fret, we’re figuring it out) and make sure I’m staying on top of everything.

I’m being awfully PC up there.

Bottom line?

I’ve been running myself into the ground and it’s time to stop doing that or I’m going to stay in the ground. Like 6 feet under. Again, don’t fret. We all make choices. I’m figuring out the better ones.

So. Where ARE we with all this?

Because there has to be a point, right?

3 month growth spurt. Having some frantic brain activity. Concerned about direction. Birthday/Anniversary/Movie Premier month. Health stuff.


I am fortunate. I am blessed. And I am grateful that with this career that has chosen me, I am able to make choices and decisions based upon changes that take place as we grow here. 9 months in and we have arrived to that place again. I am going to take some time to consider all that has happened to date and all that I would like to happen going forward here at Informed Sharing.

In the mean time, expect me at least once a week through May.

Expect June to be ROCKIN’ – no peeking, I promise it’ll be worth the wait.

And finally…

Thank You…to all of you who continue to support me no matter what is going on here at Informed Sharing and though you may not be sure exactly what it is sometimes, you bother. And that counts – BIG. Through it all, I could not continue to do this thing I love – ALL OF IT – without you. My fans, my friends, my family. Without you, there would be no me.

“See” you soon.


Sandra Lynn



You’ll notice that I didn’t leave you without some reading to do 😉 and there will be weekly reviews throughout May, too (my schedule is set, already). We’ll be back at it in June, refreshed and ready to go for the Summer. I’m already excited for what’s to come (oh, if you could see inside my head for just one second – the fun side, anyway). It’s going to be a WILD ride, stay tuned!

And how often do YOU reboot?



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  1. Not been doing much except writing on PP and my blog (especially this last week), as it has been a marked anniversary. Much going on, but glad to see things are doing well for you. I doubt I will ever get things up and running, as I don’t know how. Not sure an old dog can be taught new tricks. 😉 Anyway, love you and the blog. And I absolutely LOVE your photo, you gorgeous lady!! Hugs and much love to you and your fam. xoxoxoxox Coral

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