My New Scale is (Probably) Smarter Than Me – and that is okay!

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I didn’t really need a new scale. The old one never has given me any great reason to doubt its numbers (whether I liked them or not). But when the opportunity arose to get a new scale – a #smartweigh Digital Bathroom (mine hangs out in the kitchen, actually) Scale – I couldn’t resist.

Smart Weigh New Scale

This smart scale is probably smarter than me. I’m okay with that, really. Because this new scale is AMAZING.

Before (the new scale) weighing in was kinda boring. And truthfully, until the last week of November, I’d not really worried too much about getting on the scale. I’ve been sick for quite some time, with many chronic issues, and losing weight had taken a back seat. Because of all my health issues and the amount of pills I was taking, we weren’t really focused on weight loss (my doctor and I) because we were trying to fix all the other stuff.

But after more than 2 years of being ill, I was finally starting to feel better (not there yet, but making some serious strides) and I wanted to move that focus back to my weight loss journey. I was overweight when I got sick and had gained nearly 75 extra pounds (which gave me diabetes to add to my already long sick list) in the mean time.

Time to get going again on getting some pounds off.

Enter my new (probably smarter than me) scale from #smartweigh .

The Perks

  • It’s sleek and sexy to look at (of course a scale can be sexy, you just have to love it enough).
  • It correctly weighs me in and saves that weight to compare (with a red or green light) to the last weigh in.
  • Giving me motivation to keep going (I’ve lost 16+ pounds since I began again. Yes, through the holidays.).

This smart scale also monitors my:

  • BMI (body mass index)
  • Water percentage
  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone mass

This thing is AMAZING, I said.

There are 8 user profiles that you can program, and yes the old scale did this too (only 4); but it was way too complicated and in all the 8+ years I owned that old relic, I never did set up a proper user profile. My new smart weigh scale helped me set everything up correctly and has given me a level of comfort (in knowing those numbers are correct) that no other scale has ever done.

I love to weigh in, now.

Could be the new smart scale, could be because I am finally losing pounds after so long not being able to (I am finally off the major culprit pill that caused me to gain all those extra pounds). I’m still not able to lose as much as I’d like with all the exercise I’m doing (walking 5.25 miles per day, this week) because my metabolism is shot. Rather than eating too much these days, I’m not eating enough.

Crazy, right? Not eating enough will cause you to not lose weight, too.

But we are working on fixing the metabolism and in the mean time, I’ll continue to walk daily, eat as best as I can, and weigh in once a week to check out my results. I’m thrilled to be losing at all and especially through the most difficult time of the year (the holidays).

*Weigh ins should only be once per week, or every two, or even once a month – as your weight can fluctuate daily and cause false disappointment, which may then cause you to lose focus. (Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing more about all this weight loss journey stuff at 6 Miles Daily – relaunch scheduled for March 1st -ish).

And just in case I wasn’t clear enough above, I am so very happy with my new (probably smarter than me) scale that continues to make me happy to get on it every week.

To date (beginning November 23rd) I’ve walked almost 295 miles and have lost more than 16 pounds.

New Scale Weigh In

I’m actually at 305.2 as of this writing but won’t weigh in again until next week (yes, I hop on occasionally through the week ONLY if I feel like I’ve lost something – just to boost my motivation – but I don’t record any official weights but once every two weeks).

I am so happy to be losing, to be working on my health in such a positive way after all I’ve gone through these last 2+ years. And my new scale is helping big time with that motivation. Weighing in is fun (I just love the numbers, all of them) and fabulous, especially as I keep shrinking.

Do you need a new scale? One that records everything you need to be successful in your own weight loss (or maintenance) journey? If so, I recommend this #smartweigh scale. Who cares if it happens to be smarter than you, it will help you get the job done and then some.


Sandra Lynn



*I did receive this #smartweigh scale at a discount in exchange for my honest review, written above. If you love the numbers like I do, you would be smart to get this scale!

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Does weighing in weekly keep you motivated to keep going?



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