My Sax Girl is Comin’ Home

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Mags and her Sax - Our Big Day

This Summer my kiddo is cutting short her visit with the g’parents. Sad for them for YAY for us because this means she’ll be home TOMORROW. I’m excited about this for so many reasons not the least of which, before she left we weren’t able to give our 5th grade graduate, her graduation present.

Her mother is BURSTING to do so.

And my kiddo KNOWS it has been sitting on the white table this WHOLE time (21 days and counting). She doesn’t know what it is, though. She’s tried to guess. Even going so far as to think it’s a BLUE SAX.

Um. Mags? Bring ‘round and down, Boo. Reality Check, my Sweet.

[pullquote-right]She REALLY wants a blue saxophone. Who wouldn’t? Blue being the fav-or-ite color and all!!!![/pullquote-right] And the way she’s taken to the sax? It’s justified. That kid. .Whew. And I’m stoked about this. Rather than it being a chore; something she has to DO every day after school, moan, whine, groan, whah whah, I don’t wanna… She LOVES it. And she can play. Like, really PLAY the thing. Ya know?!

One proud mom. One thankful mom. Whew. I said.

But the blue sax is not what we got her for graduation. Maybe Hanukkah/Christmas/Birthday. Shhshsh. We’ll see.


I know she’ll dig her present and yes, it does have to do with her sax playing. She remarked on more than one occasion while she’s been gone that: “She cannot WAIT to get home to play her sax because practicing her ‘air sax’ has just not been the same.”

Oh My Gosh, I’m so excited for tomorrow!!!!!!!!

So, I’m off to spend the day getting the house in order – the hubs is going to work right along with me, as four hands are better than two. OR between the two of us, we’ll get something done, ha.

Can’t wait to see mah bb! Love you, Punks…

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn

Do your kids abandon you for the Summer? How do you spend your time?

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