Need Blog Help? Go Get It!

Need Blog Help? Go Get It!

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Need Blog Help? Go Get It!Before we go any further in this (how to) build your better blog series, I need to make this very important point. I was laying in bed the other other night (where 88% of all brilliant blog post ideas are born – look it up, I’m certain the percentage is pretty accurate) and the absolute…


…to express this before we take one more step here.

Need Blog Help? Go Get It!

Back when I first began blogging – in 2006, I discovered, as I dug through old sites and cleaned up lots of past writing accounts – I was absolutely clueless. For years I wandered around the internet, literally bouncing between writing sites and blogging platforms and a short-lived website of my own before I ended up here at my own WordPress powered site.

In 2014, I realize that I’ve gained a heck of a lot of knowledge about some things in regard to online writing. I also know that I am still incredibly naive about owning and running a website and all that goes with it.

Still, I made a conscious decision to take the plunge (again) for many reasons – most importantly, I get to choose every detail that goes into what I provide for every visitor to Informed Sharing.

While this is my most favorite reason for “going it alone” again, the mere thought of being on my own; not relying on someone else to handle all that back end stuff so I could just write and collect whatever I earn from it was incredibly…

…I didn’t even think about it until just now.

It can be overwhelming. Big time.

BUT. I’m doing something this time that I had never done before. And it’s the one piece of advice that I hope you hear loudest throughout this entire (how to) build your better blog series.

Need blog help? Go get it!

Whether you want to build a simple blog for writing your thoughts down daily or to create a website that will house multiple writers – whatever your dream is as you sit here beginning the process – if you need help reaching your goal…


This piece of advice is something I didn’t do right back in 2006. Or seven. Or even 2011 when I lost Google AdSense (we’ll visit that again, too). And I don’t mean to down-play the many folks who have traveled with me along my online writing journey.

There have been many. And I have learned a lot.

Only this time – in this way, building this Informed Sharing 2014 – I realized I needed blog help that was beyond what I knew or thought I knew. I needed help.

And boy HOWDY have I gotten it.

3 Quick Build Your Better Blog Tips

You’ll discover throughout this series that I don’t have all the right answers for how to build your better blog. I’m only sharing how I built my blog better. By doing so, however, you may learn ways in which to improve how you do it – good, better, best.

Need blog help? You got it.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



Just one of my GO-TO’s through-out building my better blog – – I’ll be writing more about them in future posts for sure but for now, go check ’em out; you’ll soon see why they are invaluable for any blogger, new and old, as a resource and as a friend!

Do you have any build your better blog tips? Please share below…



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