New all Radiant Makes Everything Brighter!

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I am a doer of laundry. I imagine many of us are – whether we like it or not – it must be done. I actually don’t mind doing the laundry so much; especially now that new all Radiant laundry detergent with its patented FiberShield technology makes everything brighter. (Now if I could just find a few willing participants to fold it and put it away for me – not those grumbly gus’ who do it but…well…grumble about it – including me.)

New all Radiant #shop laundry detergent

So. The doing of the laundry is not really the issue. Especially now that all has introduced a new detergent – all Radiant. We have been an all laundry detergent family (mostly) since I was a youngin’. I remember so many things about my childhood and odd as this may seem, laundry is one good memory. The smells, the fresh clean clothes, that bright blue bottle of all detergent sitting on the shelf…

There are lots of things we do as adults that were done by our parents; we continue these things because they are trusted. Using the all brand laundry detergent is just one of them. Thanks, Mom. ♥

(…okay, I might have teared up there…let’s not lose focus…)

Recently, I had the opportunity to give all Radiant a try. I admit I’ve tried other brands throughout some years, and while I’ve accepted that clothes fade over time and whites simply don’t stay bright – all Radiant promised to help nix that issue. To help me protect my family’s colors and restore those whites with their patented FiberShield technology.

Alrighty. I’m in. Let’s DO this.

(I really do enjoy doing the laundry. I said.)

One fun and fabulous trip to Target.

all Radiant #shop - Mags and I shopping at Target...

How can you not have fun at that place? Mags and I shopped till we dropped that night. Whew. It was supposed to be just a quick trip in and out for just a few items.


Oh #target. How we love you so!

And then it was time to wash some clothes.

all Radiant #shop - time to do some laundry!

Of course I wanted to put this all Radiant through its paces a little bit. Just because they offered to let me try this new stuff so I could come and tell you about it – well that’s the best reason TO make sure it does what it says it will.

And boy HOWDY would you look at that?

all Radiant #shop - brighter whites!

I love my new all Radiant Laundry Detergent.

I can’t get over how bright G’s socks are. And he’s thrilled because now that we’re headed to summer, he can pack up his black socks, and his whites will actually be white! All Summer long.


And look at those colors. Oh, those radiant colors.

all Radiant #shop - just look at those brighter colors!


I know. Who gets excited over laundry?

This girl.

all Radiant #shop - at Target!

And her mom. That’d be me. Mostly me. Because now we can rest easy that the laundry is done (at least for this week, anyway) and we’ve got a great detergent for all our laundry needs. Stain-fighting, color-protecting, white-brightening – all Radiant.

I’m glad to be rediscovering an old friend with a new radiant twist and at the same time giving my family drawers and closets full of truly clean clothes!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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