Informed Sharing October Giveaway

October Giveaway – Win Your $50 PayPal Cash Now!

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I am so excited about this October Giveaway that I almost can’t stand myself. Almost. I said. I know you are here to enter to win your $50 PayPal Cash, but you should know, we are actually giving away up to 4 more $50 PayPal Cash opportunities. A total of up to $250 will be awarded from Informed Sharing in October.

Of course this Happy Halloween bag of treats is not without a few tricks, this month. But since we are much more stoked to share the treats, the tricks are pretty easy peasy.

Informed Sharing October Giveaway


So how can you have multiple entry options AND multiple prizes for this October Giveaway?


  1. $50 PayPal Cash – 1-4000 entries
  2. $50 PayPal Cash – 4001-8000 entries
  3. $50 PayPal Cash – 8001-12,000 entries
  4. $50 PayPal Cash – 12,001-16,000 entries
  5. $50 PayPal Cash – 16,001-20,000+ entries

How it shakes out?

The more folks who enter to win PayPal Cash in October here at Informed Sharing and the more we are giving away.


We’ve made it easy for you by giving you multiple ways to enter. You have the advantage here, by entering one or more times in this October Giveaway. We have tiered the prize pyramid by entries in this contest, not visits to our site. You will be entered multiple times if you complete any one or more of the tasks.

I wanted to mix it up a bit for October and give more folks an opportunity to win. If this proves successful for all, we will continue to grow our monthly giveaways with more cash available each time. I also hope I’ve explained myself well, here. I noodled this for a time and with Tina over at The Gluten-Free Foodsmith, we hope to reward our faithful fans and especially as we head into the holiday season.


You want to get to the good stuff, entering to win in October!

October Giveaway – Win Your $50 PayPal Cash, NOW!

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Official October Giveaway Rules

See? I told ya, easy peasy and so much fun to enter to win in October at Informed Sharing. And of course, we are doing it in fabulous style with Tina at GFF and with me at 6 Miles Daily, too. More on those down below!

For now? Good luck to you and thank you for stopping by.


Sandra Lynn




To enter to win in October at The Gluten-Free Foodsmith, click the pic below:


…and at 6 Miles Daily, click the pic below:



Let us know, how will you spend your dough this month?



59 thoughts on “October Giveaway – Win Your $50 PayPal Cash Now!

  1. Ohh, gosh, let me think! There’s plenty of things I’d love to buy but commonsense prevails and I’d probably put it towards my car insurance or Christmas!

  2. October is my Birthday month (the30th)I haven’t received a Birthday gift in a few years now so I’d probably keep this one for myself and buy some yarn and craft supplies.

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