October Giveaways Winners Announced!

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I’m so excited to announce our October Giveaways Winners here, today. While I’m a bit surprised about the results – only 5 prizes awarded out of 15 – I’m super stoked that we were able to then turn it UP a notch for November (more about that at the bottom of this post). But first? You want to know who won our October giveaways and what they are going to get.

October Giveaways Winners

It blows my mind that we are 7 months in with our giveaways and we have had such great fans along the way. There are a few who have won more than once and ALL who are so darn happy when they find out they have won. Our comments throughout are full of great gift giving and super awesome sharing folks! We are having a blast and from the looks of it, so are you.

So who ARE the October Giveaways Winners?

Morgan E. – 6 Miles Daily – $50 PayPal Cash

Tara M. – Informed Sharing – $50 PayPal Cash

Jennifer C. – Informed Sharing – $50 PayPal Cash

Lacrecia (Green Topiaries) – 6 Miles Daily – $50 PayPal Cash

Laddidi R. – The Gluten-Free Foodsmith – $50 Amazon Gift Card

WooHOO. From squeaking to jumping up and down to just plain super excited about winning, these folks know how to enter to win and look great doing it. I’m so glad we were able to spread the cash around a bit in October and I’m just as thrilled to be doing it again in November. Perhaps we should just get on with this giving month. YAY!

Congrats again to all our fabulous October Giveaways Winners. Your prizes are on the way to you.


Sandra Lynn



To join in our November Giveaways fun, just click the pic and enter to win:

PayPal Cash in November

You will find our November giveaway here, as well as for our two sister sites, linked at the bottom of the above post. We are giving away up to $900 this giving month of November and you may absolutely enter all three to win. Good luck to ALL!

You can’t win if you don’t play.

Which do YOU prefer? PayPal Cash or Amazon Gift Card?



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  1. To Win PayPal Cash is really the best prize for me. Grateful to the sponsors and hard work of the founder of these competition. Good luck and God Bless Everyone.

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