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Hi folks. Short and sweet. Following my breathing issues, I slipped into a severe pain episode and have been there for some time. I haven’t been here in more than a year and have now relented to being admitted to the hospital to go through the heavy dose (it’s the only thing that will touch it when it gets this bad). This is for the pain in my head but there are a bunch of other things going on. I’m not making much sense. Crap. Wanted to keep this short and sweet.

I’m taking Informed on hiatus until further notice. Makes no sense to keep thinking I’ll wake up and suddenly feel able to be here or even to stand without help. So until that time, I’m not going to make myself crazy with it. We are scheduled for the headache center at Beth Deaconess in Boston next week. Hope for answers there. Until then, I need relief from this latest.

Not having the best time right now. But I’m in here somewhere and I’m working to get out. No worries. Please keep on keepin’ on and I will do the same.





And yah, I know. I haven’t told you this whole stupid story yet. There’s a video on my FB wall that attempts to tell you why. I’m losing time, sitting here (want to email my mom before I can’t sit) so not going to link. But someday, I will tell you the whole darn thing, I swear…

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