Organize Your Kitchen Utensils with this Super Easy DIY (with images)

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Have you tried to organize your kitchen utensils? It’s a mess. Stuffed in drawers, falling out of containers, can’t find what you’re looking for…

It’s a mess. I said.

Have no worries. I’m here to share how to organize your kitchen utensils with a super easy DIY (that even I could do – I’m not a whole lot crafty, exactly). In just a few minutes, you can say GOODBYE and good riddance to unsightly kitchen counter (or drawer) clutter, all without breaking a sweat.

Organize Your Kitchen Utensils

Yikes. I was starting to sound a little informercial up there. My apologies. I’m just super excited about this super easy DIY!

Let’s organize your kitchen utensils…

1 – Find a blank wall or two

Organize Your Kitchen Utensils

Not only is this the perfect location for my kitchen utensils to go, it’s the only location they can go. We have a small apartment kitchen with not a lot of wall space. Which is absolutely fine, as this is convenient and centrally located for all our cooking/utensils needs. Find your blank wall (or two) and prepare to get organized!

2 – Gather your supplies


It is important that you have the proper tools for this super easy DIY. You will need:

  • One (or two) cooling racks
  • 4 (or eight) drywall (or appropriate for your walls) screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Hooks for hanging

3 – Decide where your racks will hang


As in, measure for aesthetics, but also note any studs in the wall. Yah. Found mine the hard way. Once you have your placement, screw the cooling rack(s) into the wall. I recommend screwing the top two in loosely, until you have the bottom two in place. Then tighten all four screws. Be careful not to tighten too much or you will bend your racks and they will bow. You want straight and even.

4 – Hang your hooks


I can’t tell you where to place your hooks. That part is completely up to you. Just be mindful to leave enough space in between each one. Between my two cooling racks, I have 10 hooks. Which is more than enough for these DIY utensil racks. As you will see in the final step, there is plenty of room to hang lots of utensils, even doubling up on most hooks.

5 – Hang your kitchen utensils

Organize your kitchen utensils

I love how this turned out. There is virtually no room for error. Not in the hanging or of the putting away (kiddo’s job) of kitchen utensils. What we use the most is easily available; as well, everything else is cleaned up and off the counter. I am in love with this super easy organize your kitchen utensils DIY (I am not the originator of it, just sharing how I did it). No more counter clutter or having to pull everything out when searching for the exact utensil needed. It has also made for an interesting conversation piece for some of our visitors – hey, what do you use THAT for…

ANYway. I hope this super easy DIY will help you organize your kitchen utensils better. We sure are enjoying ours. YAY!


Sandra Lynn



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Please note: if you happen to be living in an apartment, make sure you are allowed to put holes in the wall before doing so. Measure twice, cut once, as the saying goes…

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