31+ Party Pleasing Halloween Treats – a Pinterest Roundup!

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For those of us not going out trick or treating this Halloween, there are still plenty of Halloween treats to be had. If you are throwing a party, you may find all the yums you’ll need, right here in this Pinterest-inspired post. I can’t guarantee that your treats will look like those in the pictures (I can’t even…with the witch hats and cupcakes and…you are better off not asking me to explain further) but you’ll have a great starting point for all your Halloween treats this spooky season.

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Halloween Treats

Now. These party-pleasing Halloween treats are in no particular order, but all look tasty and relatively easy to put together. Let’s just see what we’ve gathered…

31+ Party Pleasing Halloween Treats

1 – Monster Donuts (all the rage this Halloween season)

Halloween Treats - Monster Donuts

2 – Bat Bites (only 4 ingredients for this treat)

Halloween Treats - Bat Bites

3 – Mummy Pretzels (totes adorbs)

Halloween Treats - Mummy Pretzels

4 – Chocolate Candy Corn (nobody doesn’t love chocolate)


5 – Halloween Brownie Bites (little headstones and…so cute)


6 – Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats (so adorable you can eat ’em)


7 – Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups (dirt in a cup is so good, anyway)


8 – Jalapeño Mummies (because it can’t all be brownies and other sweet treats)


9 – Candy Corn Jello (neither are my first choice, but this can work for adults and kids, right?)


10 – Ear Wax Snacks (gross but weirdly enticing with all the ideas for the tips…)


11 – Pumpkin Cake (a pumpkin cake shaped like a pumpkin #genius)


12 – Peanut Butter Monster Mash (Halloween mushy cushy, YUM)


13 – Harvest Hash Chex Mix (because Chex Mix can be themed and different all together – see above)


14 – Peanut Butter Spider Cookies (spooky spiders with peanut butter? I’m in)


15 – Carrot Pumpkins (throwing in some adorable AND easy to make healthy snacks)


16 – Stuffed Pizza Skulls (so yum and scary and…it’s pizza, so…)


17 – Caramel Apple Nachos (because nachos are always a party favorite)


18 – Mandarin Pumpkins (how cute AND in season are these??)


19 – Ghost Pretzels (these little guys have the OH baked right in)


20 – Spiderweb Spread (yes. Yes I do want to dive into this face first)


21 – Pumpkin Spice Oreos (they are vegan AND gluten-free and still darn YUM)


22 – Candy Corn Cheesecake (not a fan of either but for those who are, look at how scary good this is)


23 – Eyeball Caprese (love anything caprese and look, they’re eyeballs…)


24 – Mini Chocolate Covered Apples (so cute and a little bit healthy?)


25 – Crockpot Caramel Apple Dip (it’s like apple pie but it’s a dip: YUM)


26 – Bloody Witch Fingers (no dye cookies)


27 – Mummy Pumpkin Cookies (part of a roundup of yummy treats)


28 – Creepy Edible Worms (because it wouldn’t be Halloween without these creepy treats)


29 – Killer Mini Bundts (because who doesn’t love bundt cake – it’s even fun to type)


30 – Mummy Meatballs (you need something else besides sweets, right?)


31 – Stuffed Pumpkin Peppers (another sweet treat you can eat without guilt)


Now here’s the plus part:

26 cute not creepy Halloween treats


and for the adults…

25 Jello Shots!


With more than 80 party-pleasing Halloween treats listed above, you can’t miss with hosting whatever kind of happy, creepy, scary good Halloween this spooky season. So hop on your broom and fly on over to Pinterest and get started planning your party, today.


Sandra Lynn



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