January 2017 Giveaway

Win $100 PayPal Cash x 3 in January 2017!

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January 2017 is here and we are beginning the new year right with up to $300 PayPal Cash available for you to win. YAY! I am so excited about what’s in store at all 3 4 of our sites this month and I can’t wait to get started giving stuff away. To date, any time we have run a tiered giveaway here or at any of our sister sites, we have never given away the whole pot. There is up to $900 up for grabs in January. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s see what’s happening here at Informed Sharing. Firstly, thank you for your patience. We are getting started a tad late this first month of the new year and I appreciate everyone hanging in. There was so much going on in December, including the quasi-launch of our newest site (more dets down below), and a mad dash for messy bun beanies, that much of what I had planned to get done, simply didn’t. BUT. We are here now and we want you to win BIG with us this month. Your opportunity to win $100 PayPal Cash is tripled and we would love to give it all away. January 2017 Giveaway

Here’s the breakdown for our January 2017 Giveaway:

Up to $300 PayPal Cash Giveaway:

  • 0 – 8000 entries: $100 PayPal Cash
  • 8001 – 12000 entries: another winner for $100 PayPal Cash
  • 12001 – infinity entries: a third winner for $100 PayPal Cash

The amount of money we give away this month is all up to you. The more you enter, the more you share, the more you get involved with our January 2017 giveaway, the better your opportunity to win, will be.

Want to win up to $300 PayPal Cash?

Of course you do. Here are all the ways in which you may enter to win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Official January 2017 Giveaway Rules

Easy Peasy and so darn fun. You won’t want to miss this giveaway or your opportunity to take advantage of up to $300 in cold hard PayPal Cash. You can’t win if you don’t enter. So go on, get in, now. Cheers,

Want more chances to win this January 2017?

Enter to win now at The Gluten-Free Foodsmith: 

January 2017 Giveaway

Enter to win now at 6 Miles Daily: 

January 2017 Giveaway More details about our newest site, along with more info about our messy bun beanies, can be found here. We are still building Crochet a Day and thank you for your patience.

What will you spend your giveaway winnings on?



39 thoughts on “Win $100 PayPal Cash x 3 in January 2017!

  1. I would love to buy some board games for the kids for family night. And some ebooks for me and the kids as we all love reading especially in winter

  2. Oh wow!!! I need glasses so bad and this would help make a down payment for the month and then I could pay off the next month. I’ve had my glasses for 10 years and double vision isn’t my favorite

  3. I would use the winnings to catch up on my bills ( unfortunately nothing fun) I’m past due on most of my bills and am trying to catch up, so I can breathe again.

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