Plagiarizing Facebook on Father’s Day

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Today is Father’s day. It’s also a day of the week. And so of course I found myself on Facebook this morning.

Lurking, nosing, reading…

And updating my status.

Because it’s Father’s Day and I wanted to give kudos to all the dads out there, I did.

And because I often just write from the heart, I did.

AND I liked what I wrote there.


I’m stealing it from my Facebook page to share here:

Happy Father’s Day to all the guys out there who didn’t just do the deed, but followed through and became DADS. You deserve this day and I darn well hope you ENJOY it 🙂 

My bb daddy (yep, he is)
The Most Amazing Daughter a Father Could Have
The Best Bonus Dad a Daughter Could Have

To my father in heaven: I love you Daddy and I miss you everyday. I don’t wallow in it because I know I’m going to see you again but it’s sure not as easy as pickin’ up the phone. Thanks for being the best dad in the whole wide world! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Dad’s Day, Daddy, I love you!


Thus the whole plagiarizing Facebook on Father’s Day.

I suppose plagiarize is a harsh word since I am giving myself credit…either way, I meant what I said and I said what I meant!

‘Nuff said!

So THIS week it was NO Wednesday post but another Sunday post, hoo RAH! I’ll get it together soon, I promise 🙂

Oh, and Kari Marie: I WANT to email you back but this week has been CRAZY and I haven’t been in the right head space. But I appreciate where you’re coming from and I do wish to respond; thank you so much for your kindness!! …and be in touch soon 🙂

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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