So. President Donald Trump. Really? Why?

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We have a little more than a week to go before we welcome our 45th President of the United States – President Donald Trump. Really?

I want to know why.

I was not as surprised as some folks that Donald Trump was voted in as our next president. I did not mourn like some folks when he was elected. And I am cautiously optimistic about what is to come for our un-tied states of America.

We are not united. At best, we are untied. Unrested. Unhappy with what is becoming of our once great country.

President Donald Trump

And lots of folks agree that President Donald Trump is just what we need to make this country great again.

I want to know why.

I don’t ask this to cause upset. Though, I do want to spark conversation. Because I am fairly clueless about politics in this America. And I want to change that. I want to learn better how the whole governing thing works. I want to understand how we could have come this far and be so out of sorts that we willingly to put a man in office who, in my own small estimation, ran for it without much thought to what he’d do once he got there.

Or maybe he did have some thoughts.

I can’t tell.

Which is why I want to know why we did it. Why we elected President Donald Trump into the – supposed – greatest seat in the land. What am I missing?

I want to know why.

For those of you who need clarification, I did not vote for Donald Trump. I could not get past much of the media stuff and I am more than a little nervous that he will embarrass us going forward. There is talk (heard through countless media outlets) that The United States of America has become nothing but a joke. A shameful situation that is getting out of hand.

Are we?

How absolutely horrifying that we have come to this and without a thought about how to right the issues.

Because the issues aren’t about Trump or Hillary or even Obama.

The trouble facing this country runs much deeper than that. We are un-tied. Unrepentant for what we’ve done to get here. And insanely divided without any idea that what we need do to is come together.

A trouble that we began, ourselves.

And I don’t know if President Donald Trump can bring us together. But I do want to learn more. To understand, not only his role in our future, but our own roles.

He can’t destroy this country by himself. He alone didn’t bring us to this…this mess we are in. And he will have just as much trouble as our last President, to unite these states, if we don’t stop dividing lines.

We the people, are responsible. We the people, have a voice.

And we the people, chose this man as our next president.



I want to know why?

Why did we believe President Donald Trump was better suited than Hillary Clinton or anyone else?


I just want to know why. Let’s start with that.


Sandra Lynn



I’m going to attempt to better acquaint myself with politics in America. I am hopeful that throughout, whatever I choose to blog about in regard to politics in general and President Donald Trump specifically, we can converse respectfully with each other. Help me learn to be a better involved, better equipped to understand. I ask this with an open mind and also ask that you keep one, too.

(bottom line? keep it real and respectful and we’ll get along just fine. fingers crossed.) 

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Why did – or didn’t – you vote for President Donald Trump?



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