Raising Ali: A Lewiston Story…coming soon – a New Documentary by White Dog Arts

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May 22: Latest press for Raising Ali – Gary Robinov on 207|WCSH6 – watch it now!

Find out when and where you may view this film – Monday, May 25th, the 50th Anniversary of that famous phantom punch!

UPDATE: MAY 14: To get all the latest about Raising Ali, including who will be showing up for the premiere in just 10 short days, please visit Raising Ali on Facebook! You’ll get a sneak peek of the teaser, too. Yep, this film is in the can – it’s a wrap. Now read on to discover more about it right down below…

Gary Robinov of White Dog Arts Digital Film Production, in association with Charlie Hewitt (Executive Producer) is scheduled to go into production on a new documentary, Raising Ali: A Lewiston Story. This is exciting news as the 50th anniversary of that famous “phantom punch” is happening in late May. Folks want to know – what’s it all about?

Raising Ali A Lewiston-StoryOf course, I’ll share a bit more about the documentary in a minute; but I want to tell you about the lonely life of a wife whose husband must tell stories on film. What happens when G is scheduled to go into production. And why I am perfectly fine being the lonely wife of a brilliant creator whose medium (for this sort of thing) happens to be film.

Have you seen my husband?

He’s the cute director guy who has his hands in everything but runs the best crew I know – to get the job done.

He’s the one working around the clock during pre-production to secure that crew, plan the budget, and get everything else in place.

He’s the one I’m already missing and filming hasn’t even begun…

I’m the lonely wife. The one who kisses her husband goodbye before a film production begins, and if I’m lucky – will see him here and there (but not everywhere) until it is complete (Premiere Night). During this time, I will feed him (as needed, sometimes he’s locked into that editing bay for days), PA for him (personal or  production – depending), and generally make sure he’s taking care of him while he’s taking care of his passion and all the elements that make up filming a documentary.

So, what happens when G goes into production? Assuming funding has been found, crew is in order, and schedule is filled to G’s precise measure – a beautiful story is filmed. Whatever the subject matter, if it/them/him/her has caught G’s attention enough to believe it’s worth telling – he’s going to weave a tale so stunning that you will weep with…

Um…that may just be me. Oh yah. I can bawl buckets when he’s just pitching a documentary idea to me.

Bottom line? The guy is good and yes. I’m gushing. He’s my HUSBAND.

But truly. What Gary Robinov brings to the table in regard to sharing with the world what otherwise might never get told, is beyond brilliant. He’s got that “thing”. It’s awfully hard to explain that “thing” but it works in all his life – thank goodness he followed his passion into film; because with that “thing”, he is a powerhouse director and creator of film art.

He’ll shrug it off, too.

(That’s because he’s mostly clueless about how brilliant he is…)

But he’s right when he responds to my (or anyone) compliments – everyone involved in making this film played a significant role in getting it done. Of course they did. He chooses the best of the best and expects nothing less. What would a director be, without his crew?

But I gush on…

(hey, this is my blog and we’re not even supposed to be here today…thank you for stopping by…)

Raising Ali: A Lewiston story…a new documentary by White Dog Arts Digital Production – coming soon.

Long days.

Sleepless nights.

Worry about whether he remembers to eat, while he’s making sure everyone else is fed.

…and then? Suddenly it’s premiere night and we are going to the movies.

Almost through it all, as I watch the credits roll and my husband scans the audience for reaction from his favorite back-of-the-house standing position.

It’s a HIT. Another important story shared brilliantly, that otherwise may have been missed, were it not for the husband of a lonely wife of a filmmaker.

And so what is my point here, really? Because (mostly) all I did was go on and on about how brilliant G is as a documentary filmmaker.

Right. Well he is. And he’s getting ready to do it again with Raising Ali: A Lewiston Story. And while I probably couldn’t ever make you understand every in and out of the whole process, I hope some of it got through in the midst of my mush. Lonely wife or not, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Because seeing my husband work his passion, knowing he is doing what he loves and that it will be for the betterment of all our lives, and getting to experience the end result – are just a few of the reasons I am one lucky girl in this world, married to a guy who wants all their voices to be heard.

Okay, Papi! Let’s git ‘er dun!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



PS: I told G I was going to pimp the film a little. I told him I was more likely going to gush a lot. The absolute truth is that I am in love with one of the most brilliant creators of our time. I am humbled that he loves me just the same. He didn’t ask me to pimp or to gush and he does blush a bit when I go on and on…it’s worth it for me to share some of his story with you and in the telling, perhaps help him continue to share others’ with the world!

MORE about Raising Ali: A Lewiston Story

Raising Ali: A Lewiston StoryTo find out more about this amazing story, please visit WDA – Digital Film Production on Facebook. Events surrounding this film include:

The fundraiser @Baxter Brewing – March 26th – if you are local, stop on by for a beer and to meet the director and producers of this film.

Go Fund Me for Raising Ali… (G runs a tight budget but won’t go into production without a guarantee that he can pay his crew) This film also has a tight schedule – it must be IN THE CAN May 10th.

The Premiere – May 25th – find out more here!

Mini press about the film:

‘As we approach the 50th anniversary of “The Phantom Punch” – Raising Ali, a documentary film, will focus not just on the events surrounding May 25th, 1965, but will explore aspects of personal memories, civic and cultural identity, and inevitable changes that come with time.

“Raising Ali…” will be told through the words of current and former residents of Lewiston, community leaders past and present, participants in the event, and with the use of archival material.’ – Gary Robinov, White Dog Arts Digital Film Production.

Stay tuned for more updates – as I know, so shall I share. Because this project is happening so fast, it’s going to be a crazy fight to the finish. But then that’s another awesome piece of G – he IS a fighter, he rarely backs down, and his follow-through will AMAZE you!

Raising Ali…poster via White Dog Arts Digital Film Production and used with permission.

Are you a fan of documentaries? What are some of your favorites?



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