Ray Harrington Brings Funny Back to Portland!

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Ray Harrington is funny. And not just because I know him personally. I barely do, actually. He was in a thing and my husband worked on that thing and then we went to the premiere of the thing and then there’s been some Facebook…

ANYway. Ray Harrington is funny. And if you’ve never seen him do his thing on stage, you are missing out.

Ray Harrington is FunnyFunny – I said.

Engaging – just ask Scott.

Endearing – go ahead and make it all about Finn for the next 17 years; we’ll still laugh right along with you.

Honest and kind – yes, a kind comedian. Though perhaps, I shouldn’t be sharing that piece…but it’s true – he’s lovely and honest.

Ray Harrington is funny.

Recently, Ray came back to Portland, Maine for a one night show and we (the hubs and I) got to go see him. YAY! The last time he was here was two years ago for my birthday – not FOR MY, but… – and we had tickets, only we ended up not making it to the show.

I know. Yikes.

So we couldn’t miss out on Ray Harrington this time around. And we weren’t disappointed, either. Front row seats at table 8 (love that sexy lil number) and with another couple who wasn’t annoying at all (yes, this matters. HI, Kat ♥ and John).

The audience was treated to several comedians before Ray took the stage and we sure did giggle; but once he made his way to the front, it was clear that we were all there for him.

We didn’t mean to make him nervous about that. Yikes. It’s just…not often that he’s able to get home to Maine – ye-up.

But it was fun. And funny. Ray made my husband’s cheeks hurt. And that does my heart all kinds of good.


Ray stole my heart for good when he told us all about how anyone being called a Grammar Nazi is just wrong – rather the proper term is ‘Grammar Anne Frank’.

Yah. If you don’t get it, you haven’t been there. Or you should have been there. And you could be there – because he tells it better than I ever would. EVER.

So thanks, Ray. This isn’t a review, really. Just a note. It was so good to see you last weekend. I know you are all over the place these days and working on – be a man – too. Just keep bringing the funny and we’ll be laughing right along with you.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



To keep up with Ray Harrington and where he’ll be next, go ahead and follow him around on Facebook. Between his comedy show dates, random personal updates, hysterical podcasts, and information about his upcoming documentary – Be A Man – you won’t want to miss a thing of the funny that Ray Harrington brings.

You’re Welcome. Literally. 🙂

Please Note: My liberal use of San-isms doesn’t mean I’m not a Grammar Anne Frank, too.

And how do you get YOUR FUNNY on?



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