Rediscovering Informed Sharing on Blogger

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Rediscovering Informed Sharing on BloggerWhen I learned about a possible Google AdSense alternative – a viable, REAL, honest to goodness – alternative, the next step was going over to Blogger to see about my old blog, Informed Sharing.

I hadn’t touched that old thing in nearly three years.

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But I was excited about to see it because I was in a nostalgic mood, having learned recently about Y!CN closing and realizing once again that I was at a crossroads with my writing (at least with where it and I belonged).

So I traipsed on over and was pleasantly surprised to find that Informed Sharing wasn’t doing too badly for not having been tended all these years. The blog had held its own with steady views monthly and I had forgotten when I walked away that I’d placed some alternative third party ad network ads on the site.

I had been earning pennies all along.

Rediscovering Informed Sharing on Blogger

I quickly began planning and noodling and taking notes. I started remembering why I built Informed Sharing in the first place.

To share personally and informatively people, places, and things for the betterment of all our lives – mind, body, and spirit.

I wanted to continue on. To re-build it good, better, best. Informed Sharing 2014. And even though Google and I had had our differences in the past – most of it having to do with me getting the short end of their stick – I was even fine with staying at Blogger.

It was a comfort thing. Familiarity. Knowing the back-end, how everything works, navigating all the doo-hickeys and what-nots, etc.

(Feel fee to mark down those technical terms; we’ll be using them throughout this how-to build your better blog series.)

And so I began to rebuild. I shared with G (the hubs) my plan and even posted a quick blog about what I was doing, to garner interest.

Absolutely nothing could have prepared me for what happened next…*

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



(*which may or may not happen next in the series, if you are paying attention. As is my habit, I’m taking the curvy road – sharing personally and informatively along the way. We will get there and it will all make sense. You may thank me later!)

Do you have a favorite platform with which you like to blog? Coming soon in our build your better blog series, a look at several blogging platforms for you to blog good, better, best. Stay tuned.

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