Is Your Relationship in Jeopardy? 3 Best Ways to Fix it Fast!

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If you wake up one day and realize your relationship is in jeopardy, you may wonder why. How did we end up HERE? You and your significant other probably started out with good intentions, as couples in relationships often do. Maybe you’re reading this now and didn’t have any clue that your relationship is in jeopardy. Until now. I am no relationship expert*, though I do have plenty of experience with good and bad relationships. And I’ve learned 3 ways, over the course of my lifetime, that are best for keeping your relationship balanced and healthy.

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Many folks can’t see or won’t admit that they are having relationship troubles. One or the other partner may be in denial, preferring to think that as long as the boat isn’t rocking, there is no reason to question why it isn’t moving at all. Rough seas, like rough patches in your relationship, aren’t anything people plan for. But once you’re in it, you may be able to save yourself and your relationship with these 3 best ways to fix it fast.


3 Best Ways to Fix Your Relationship Fast:

1 – Communication.

This is, perhaps, the most important component of any relationship. If you and your partner are unable to communicate with each other, it’s an issue. But one that may be easy to fix. This important step to a healthy relationship begins when both people are committed to open and honest communication, always. Do you struggle to communicate with your partner? Is he or she unwilling to talk about stuff? Big issues or little, you both must be willing to share with each other. Keeping each other on the same page (even if you don’t agree with one another about … whatever) is paramount to your relationship’s success.

Ways to Communicate Better: 

  • Make time for each other.
  • Figure out what each of you needs.
  • Don’t be afraid of discussing big stuff and little stuff – it all matters.
  • Sit down with a professional to learn how to communicate better.

2 – Trust

Without this component to any healthy relationship, you and your partner may be doomed. You must be able to trust your significant other. Without that, there is no solid foundation for a strong partnership. Trust matters. And when it is broken, for any big or small issue (they all do matter, as little issues can turn into big ones), it can take a long time to build that trust back up.

I remember something my mother told me once, after I’d gotten into trouble for something (it escapes me now, but…). It wasn’t too serious, but enough of an issue that she told me I had broken her trust and it would take a long time to build back up. This has stuck with me all these years and I use it with my daughter, too. Trust. It’s easy to begin here, but if you lose it, you need to be prepared for the reality that you may not get it back.

Though, if you are communicating, this important 2nd step to a healthy relationship should be fairly fool proof. You don’t need to tell each other EVERYTHING, but you should probably make sure there are no surprises down the line. Better to trust you, better to trust them. Talk to each other. Build your relationship with good communication and you will trust your partner and what you are growing in this relationship.

3 – Sex

You may use the first two for building any sort of relationship – friends, family, etc. This last most important component matters in your committed partnership with your significant other. Sex. It matters. And the other two best ways to a healthy relationship come into play here, as well.

You can’t have a solid partnership without trust. You can’t have a good sexual relationship without communication. You can’t have good sex (or even great) without either of the other two. Working all three together, ensures that you are committed to the relationship. That you are both working toward the same goals.

Some folks may say that sex doesn’t/shouldn’t matter. Trust me. It does. There is a level of raw intimacy that completely solidifies a strong relationship when both partners are able to communicate and trust each other in the bedroom. This 3rd important component to any healthy relationship does begin with communication and grows with trust.

And why am I such a know-it-all about how to fix fast your relationship?

I’ve been there. I’ve tried to fix or grow relationships the easy way (of course this takes work, nothing worth having is often easy), with one or two of the three and it just doesn’t work. If you aren’t communicating and can’t trust your partner, sex isn’t going to work, either. You may try. And it may fly. For a time. But if you are committed to growing a healthy relationship, you need to consider all three of these to make your partnership strong.

I am so blessed for what my husband and I have between us. Many years and many mistakes brought us to each other. Lots of life lessons and reaching a place of understanding regarding having a healthy relationship. And then? We found each other. And for all these years, we work daily to communicate, trust, and yes, sex, too. We are ever evolving together and separately and know the importance of all 3 of these relationship musts.

Is it easy?

No. I mentioned that, above. Relationships take work. Every day kind of work. Oh, sure, some days are gravy, but some days you’ll have roughage (salad? I’m not sure how I switched to food references, just go with it, we’re almost done), and for ALL the days, you must remember and work on the balance and importance of all three of the above.


Sandra Lynn




*Am I a relationship expert? Depends upon your definition. I’ve certainly been through enough of the bad AND the good, to feel confident in sharing why I believe my relationship works. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have – open, honest, intimate – for your best chance at success with your significant other. I often say that I’ve had to kiss a LOT of frogs to get to my prince. I am certain that had I not learned from those life experiences, I would not have the knowledge it takes to make this relationship work so well – even when it’s bumpy, there is a level of honesty and knowing that at the end of the day, this person who I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with, feels the same.

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