September Giveaways Winners Announced!

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WooHOO! Another successful giveaways month for September and I’m here to share with you just who won our September Giveaways. All winners have been notified and will soon be spending their spoils. Hearing what folks may be spending their winnings on is always one of the best parts of hosting these giveaways. From spoiling themselves to spending it on family, school, and for the upcoming holiday season, you all know what you want and good for you.

September Giveaways

Let’s just see who won this last month.

September Giveaways Winners Announced!

YAY! Congrats to our winners and have fun spending.

We have also turned it up a notch in October by setting up a tiered prize giveaway for each of our three sister sites. To enter to win any of these awesome October Giveaways, just click any of the pics below:

Informed Sharing:

Informed Sharing October Giveaway

6 Miles Daily:


The Gluten-Free Foodsmith:


With up to 15 prizes being awarded, we are hoping to spread good cheer to all. Remember, the more who enter, the more we are giving away. Up to $750 total. Sounds like a win-win-win for all! If all goes well in October, we’ll pump it up again in November. YAY!

Again, I want to congratulate our September Giveaways winners and wish for them all good things. And for all of you wanting to win in October, hop to it. And good luck to ALL! 🙂


Sandra Lynn



Are you ready for the holidays, already? Some folks begin their preparations early enough to really enjoy the season. Some others (like me) are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Don’t be me. 🙂 And stay tuned, because we will be sharing lots of great holiday posts, coming soon!

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