Video: Week 14 Hair Update: Shaving, Techno Trouble, Keepin’ it Real

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Okay, WOW. There is so much to say about this week 14 video hair update but I fear my incoherent ramblings will only make it worse. Let’s just say that there was some shaving, techno trouble, keepin’ it real and…

Shaving, Techno Trouble, Keepin' it Real

…OMGosh. I mean, really. I can’t recall ever before a time where I had so much trouble FILMING a video. Editing, compressing, uploading, etc. – sure. But never in the filming of it. Seriously.

Now. I have to admit that 98% is more than likely my fault. The phone falling thing, for instance. I haven’t mentioned it previously, but my “camera” (iPhone) and tripod set up is NOT ideal. Usually I manage just fine but this time…yah. no. It was insanely frustrating. Wait. You have no idea what I’m talking about.

Why don’t we just have a watch, then: (yes, it’s long, but keep in mind that I haven’t been here to HAIR update you in 5/6 weeks 🙂 )

Week 14 Hair Update: Shaving, Techno Trouble, Keepin’ it Real

Yah. So you know that “Selfie Stick” (not one of my affiliates but this IS on my wish list ♥) that went viral over the holiday season? Let’s not get into the whole selfie discussion – to each his and her own, I say. But this thing is brilliant. And I want one. Not only am I being that ridiculously selfish with wanting one, I need one. If you only knew…


ANYway. My birthday isn’t until May but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – if anyone would LOVE to surprise me with a fabulously and very reasonably priced selfie stick…

Oh heck. Perhaps, I’ll surprise myself. Seems silly to ask any of you for it. 😉 But then I can review it and you’ll know whether it’s worth it for your own selfie/video making needs. Stay tuned for that, I will be sure to share informatively…

And so yep. Week 14 Hair Update.

Oh, WAIT. I totally forgot to mention anything about coloring my hair. So, if you’re wondering – after watching the vid and getting to here – why I said NOTHING about it. I forgot.

That’s it. Seriously. Just shaving, techno trouble, keepin’ it real; and so darn glad that it’s still Wednesday, I’m upright, and that I got to bring this week 14 hair update to you.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn



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