Trick or Treat

4 Smart, Safe Ways to Trick or Treat this Halloween!

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If you or someone you know is going out to trick or treat this Halloween, first and foremost, you should be safe. To be safe while you trick or treat, you need to be smart. It’s fun to get all dressed up and go out for gobs of candy, but you’ve got to be smart to stay safe. If you are taking your young ones out and about, you’ll be glad to have these tricks to get all your treats.

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Trick or Treat

4 Smart, Safe Ways to Trick or Treat this Halloween!

1 – Consider your costume (or that of your youngin’). Ready made costumes are all the rage, with a wide variety to be had.But you want to think about your Halloween costume logically. Dress warmly, with layers if possible. Choose comfortable shoes if you’ll be doing plenty of walking. And be careful not to have a whole bunch of stuff hanging off or even dragging on the ground, for your trick or treat costume. So many years, so many fits, about what to wear and how to stay comfortable, warm, and safe – by now, the last year the kiddo will be trick or treating, she gets it. Forget that being cold and uncomfortable is part of the experience. Think ahead and plan accordingly to thoroughly enjoy Halloween this year.

2 – Light it up. The costume stores and other places you might suit up, have lots to choose from in the way of nighttime lighting for your trick or treat plans. Neon bracelets and glow in the dark pumpkin baskets are just two ideas for making sure you can see and be seen while you trick or treat this year. But you can go old school, too. Just grab a flashlight, make sure it’s got working batteries, and off you go. Heck, you could wear a light stuck to your head if it goes with your costume – it’ll surely help you stay safe while wandering the neighborhood to trick or treat. Just light it up.

3 – Grab a buddy. The kiddo is old enough now that G doesn’t have to walk with her all around the neighborhood, but we still make sure she’ll be with a friend or three. Better safety in numbers. And a whole lot more fun than having your mom and/or dad drag you from house to house. If you are the type of parent to walk a few steps behind while your child trick or treats, (no judgement, we’ve done it for years) and depending on where you live, having a trick or treat buddy will make it more fun and safe for all.

4 – Visit good neighborhoods. It is probably a given that you won’t be taking your charges to trick or treat in unsafe neighborhoods – there is probably one or two in every town. But it needs noting that you will be smart and stay safe if you stick to the neighborhoods that you know to be good. Some areas will even plan an entire event surrounding Halloween trick or treating, where many of the houses participate and there are large groups of folks out for the same reason you are. And with a vested interest in keeping themselves and their kids safe.

Easy. Smart. Safe. 4 ways to trick or treat this Halloween that will give you all the fun without any grief. Well. I can’t help with turbulent tummies, you’ll do well not to overeat all those yummy treats in one night.


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