8 Spookiest Cemeteries in America – is your town on the list?

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Recently, I wrote a post about our Western Cemetery, one of the spookiest cemeteries I’ve ever encountered. I have been through it several times, only once (with the kiddo) in the dark. I’ll never do that again. It’s just one of those things that I’ve decided is probably smarter…to stay out of a cemetery known to house restless spirits. Yah. No. I’m good. And either way? There is history there. And it’s spooky.

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But that didn’t stop my curiosity about other spookiest cemeteries. Especially with Halloween lurking right around the corner. So I decided to do a little digging to discover some history about some of the spookiest cemeteries in our country.

Spookiest Cemeteries

Let’s find out what I learned. This list is in no particular order and though our Western Cemetery didn’t make the cut here, there’s another Maine cemetery that is just as storied…

8 Spookiest Cemeteries in America – is your town on the list?

1 – St. Louis Cemetery #1, New Orleans, Louisiana

Spookiest Cemeteries - St. Louis #1

Only one of three St. Louis cemeteries located here, this one is the spookiest. Or most haunted, as they say. There are more than 100,000 folks interred here in a very small space (about one block) and some of them are known – or said – to have had other-worldly powers. There is one voodoo princess buried there who seems to be pretty popular amongst visitors, if only for the hopeful to be granted a wish.

2 – Woodpecker Hill, Greenwood Cemetery, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Spookiest Cemeteries - Woodpecker Hill

Named for the little birds and the damage they have done to the grave markers, this section of Greenwood Cemetery sits on a bluff and is reported to be where many prisoners were laid to rest. One famous notable, a man who was hanged but didn’t die right away, instead wriggling around by his neck until it broke. This was also reportedly the last hanging done in the area, by a rope system that tended to cut off the heads of folks – a rather inhumane way to die, even for prisoners.

3 – Resurrection Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

Spookiest Cemeteries - Resurrection Cemetery, Chicago

There is one urban legend associated with this cemetery that just may have more truth to it than you wish. Folks for years have told the story of a young girl (known to locals as “Resurrection Mary”) who treks the road to this spookiest of cemeteries, hoping for a ride. When someone stops to pick her up, she vanishes. As it happens, there was a young girl killed along the road in 1927, and it is she who is said to wander this route.

4 – Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia

Spookiest Cemeteries - Hollywood Cemetery Richmond Virginia

I’m not sure how spooky this cemetery is in comparison, having only read about the one “vampire” siting; but there are a lot of civil war era folks buried here. Known as the second most visited cemetery (after Arlington National) in the country, there are thousands of soldiers interred here, including the first casualty of the Civil War. If you visit here, you may happen upon the 90 foot memorial in honor of all those Confederate soldiers –  and maybe some spirits – along the way.

5 – Hollywood Forever, Los Angeles, California

Spookiest Cemeteries - Hollywood Forever

Home (resting place?) to many famous folks and several Hollywood scandals, this spookiest cemetery is ripe for the hauntings. It has been reported that William Randolph Hearst has even been seen here. Though he isn’t actually buried here, apparently he has taken to visiting Hollywood Forever to see his mistress, interred at Hollywood Forever. I wasn’t aware that spirits could leave a place…hmmm…definitely not going near our cemetery after dark…

6 – Western Burial Ground, Westminster Presbyterian Churchyard, Baltimore, Maryland

Spookiest Cemeteries - Western Burial Ground, Westminster Presbyterian Churchyard, Baltimore, Maryland

Here lies Edgar Allen Poe. And while that might be enough to give you chills and speed up the old ticker, you may stay far away for another reason. Legend has it that an old minister was murdered but even in death, never stopped screaming. They buried his head under a serious amount of cement, hoping to muffle the screams, but if you listen closely, you just might still hear him. If you are lucky enough (??) to hear him, you may never stop and quite possibly be driven insane with it.

7 – Howard Street Cemetery, Salem, Massachusetts

Spookiest Cemeteries - Howard Street Cemetery, Salem Massachusetts

Of course there is haunting good stuff about this second to last on our list of spookiest cemeteries. One story told is that of a young man who may or may not have been a witch. Either way, he was tortured for his beliefs (as the case may be), unwilling to confess, and was subsequently (and slowly) killed right in the cemetery. For several days, lying in a hole with a board placed over his chest, stones were added to it, until he was eventually crushed to death by the weight of it. Giles Corey died here and was buried here.

8 – Woodland Cemetery, Bethel, Maine

Woodland Cemetery, Bethel, Maine

I had no idea about this spookiest cemetery located northwest of the place I now call home. I’ll have to do some more digging, maybe take a drive, but this one may just be a “get inside your head” kind of scary – psychologically speaking, one of the worst fears. While no one very famous is buried here, this final resting place has hills and valleys and that invite ghostly sightings around every bend. This cemetery is also home to a plot earmarked for soldiers unable to afford a proper burial. There is only one marker; however, it is believed that many are buried in this lot.

And while our Western Cemetery didn’t make the top 8 of spookiest cemeteries, I’m here to tell you, it’s spooky.

Western Cemetery

Laugh at me all you want, you won’t catch me wandering amongst the grave markers at night. Not on Halloween night or any other night of the year. BOO!


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