Video: Week 7 Update – Turkey, Hair, and Papi!

Turkey, Hair, and Papi

I am so especially excited about this week 7 update – turkey, hair, and Papi. Probably because it does combine 3 of my favorite things – not necessarily in that order. HA! But yes, this week’s update is all kinds of sweet and a little sappy and…well, it’s actually wicked short, too. YAY. Shall we get right to it? Drum roll, please… Week 7 Update – Turkey, Hair, and Papi! Yah. I know, right?! Okay, a bit of truth. I’m a tad annoyed with myself for hollerin’ the … Read more…

Video: Week 6 Hair UPDate – Blending – 6-2-1.5!

Week 6 Hair Update

Here we are with our week 6 hair update (the real week 6, I said) and we are blending today. YAY! I don’t want to give too much away before you watch the video but it’s a multi-guard experience, people. Whoa. Want more? See the whole series at Hair It Is… I had to. We (me and that mouse in my pocket) were starting to look a bit straggly. Yikes. So yes, Blending. With a #6, a #2, and a #1.5. And it is FABuLOUS. Of course. I … Read more…

8 Must-Have Hairstyles for the Holidays!

8 Must Have Hairstyles for the Holidays

(Photos and How-to’s can be found below) The title states 8 Must-Have Hairstyles for the Holidays, but I am actually giving  you access to more than 108 hairstyles to look your best for the upcoming holiday season. Whether you are celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year’s, or just looking to get out for a night on the town – the hairstyles found below are your must-have guides for doing so in style. Want more? Find your own short, medium, or long hairstyle makeover right here. Photos included! All … Read more…

Week 5 “hair” Update – Discussing My Condition

Disussing My Condition

Before we begin discussing my condition, let’s get the BIG BOO-BOO out of the way. Otherwise my Type A, OCD (and let’s be totally honest – anal retentive) side will not let it rest… This is NOT WEEK 6 UPDATE. There. I said it. Whew. You may realize, while watching the video, that I was not on top of my game this week during filming. First and foremost, when I apparently believe we are 6 weeks in on the Shaving My Head Bald updates. Even more ridiculous is … Read more…

Short, Medium, Long – What Hairstyle is Right for You?

Short, Medium, Long - What Hairstyle is Right for You?

(Makeover Photos Included Below!) Recently, it was brought up to me by one of my YouTube friends that I should grow out my hair really long. It got me thinking…short, medium, long – what hairstyle is right for you? I wondered… At first I thought it would be as easy as throwing on Maggie’s Halloween costume’s wig and snapping a pic or showing everyone in an upcoming video. Yah. No. You’re welcome. Have you seen me shave my head bald yet? In this video it only took 3 … Read more…

Video: Week 4 – Some Shavin’ and Talkin’ Goin’ On!

Week 4 - Shavin and Talkin

Here it is week 4 in this shaving my head bald series and we are doing some shavin’ and talkin’ in this video update. I make no apologies for the length of this week 4 update; it was more than 19 minutes uncut and I managed to slice it nearly in half. Boy HOWDY but I was wordy this past Sunday. Or so it seemed. As I was shavin’ and talkin’, it didn’t seem like it was talking an unnaturally long time but tis what it is. I … Read more…

Video: Week 3 – No Shave, Just Some Shout Outs!

No Shave Just Some Shout Outs

No Shave Just Some Shout OutsI do sincerely hope there is no disappointment with this week 3 update. I probably should have told you, could have certainly told you – last week – that there would be no shave this week. But even without the shave, I’m giving shout outs and updating you on the growing out progress so far. Well worth the watch, I think. 😉 So. No shave, just some shout outs? Yah. Tis okay, though. I don’t want you to get bored with all of this. Either with the shaving nothing off when there is nothing to remove or with me just going on and on about whatever.

To that end, I promise to do my best to keep it interesting each week. If you could let me know if I start to suck in any one area OR if there’s anything you’d like to see or hear, that’d be swell, too. YAY! For now, let’s just see what’s happening in week 3, the update…

Week 3 – No Shave, Just Some Shout Outs!

Well now. That was fun. I am so thrilled by the response so far. And just incredibly blessed by the positivity flowing all around me. Thank you for that. I know I said it in the video but you have to know – it matters greatly to be supported in this way. I could thank you all year and it wouldn’t begin to express how grateful I am. You all ROCK!

Next week, I reckon there will be a bit more shaving, as my hair seems to be growing quite normally, so keeping it trimmed on the sides and back in essential for the current plan*. I’m still not inclined toward any sort of coloring; at any rate it’s still too short.

That’s about it for this week 3 update. Unless you have any fun and fab ideas for this head of mine; please feel free to share below.

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



*current plan: as I’ve said, I have a plan for growing it out but am open to ideas. Hit me up with yours and maybe we’ll switch directions. At this point, anything goes, really. And I would love to hear what you have in mind. YAY! And remember, sharing is caring!

Video: Week Two – One Guard Update

Week Two One Guard UpdateI’m so very nearly close to caught up that I might not know what to do with myself come the weekend. Shhhsh. Don’t tell the others. They will find more for me to do, I guarantee it… ANYway. Here we are with week two – one guard update and YAY, we are removing some hair on the back and sides. Yes, more than the little nubs from week one – one guard update. And it’s blending quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

And I do.

(Okay, I edited out the incessant going over and over and over the whole thing to make sure everything blended. You’re welcome 😉 )

Let’s have a look-see?

Week Two – One Guard Update:

And ooooh, this video is shorter than last week, too. YAY. I’m working on that, along with my editing skills. You all can help me out with that, as well. Tell me what you want to see. More hair stuff, less talking, more talking about hair stuff and more hair stuff, what? Let me know.

I’m getting some excellent feedback already and I’m so thrilled by that. I’m considering doing some Q&A type things along the way. Both for you and me. I do have other things I like to write about besides my hair but since we’re on the subject, there is plenty to talk about and write about.

For instance:

  • What’s the best shampoo/conditioner to use?
  • Best color – at home or in the salon?
  • Heat damaged hair treatments?
  • How often to you cut/color/straighten/perm your hair?
  • Where to find the best hair care products?
  • Shopping for hair care products on a budget?
  • Short hair or long – which do you prefer?
  • How to have salon hair without over paying…

…to name a few.

I have always been fascinated with hair, mine and yours; dipping back into it this way is wicked exciting. And please don’t hesitate to tell me what you’d like to know OR what you already know. I am always up for learning!

Time Spent

So who’s with me? Ready for a little hair school along this transformation; who knows what we’ll all discover while we’re at it. And stay tuned. Week three update is right around the corner, too. I will have that video up by mid-week next, but you should also know that I will be writing about non-hair related topics next week, as well. Boy HOWDY, I’ve got some goodies planned for all of us. YAY!

“See” you soon!

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



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Video: Week One Update – One Guard Trim!

Week One One Guard Trim

Week One One Guard TrimHere we are, finally. Almost caught up. Getting there, anyway. 2 1/2 weeks after the original shave and with this post I’m sharing the week one update – one guard trim. YAY! This video is a tad long as I did a bunch of talking…

Hey. I’ve never said I wasn’t wordy; either by text or video. Tis what it is, I say.

And I do appreciate those who take the time to read and listen. Truly. 🙂

However, I also understand sometimes lengthy is just darn too long. Which is why I did this for ya. I rather like it, too. There will be more of that down the road, I reckon. YAY!

But in THIS video, I catch you up on the week with the growth and then I’m off and shaving. What little there is to take off, that is. I have a plan, I said. Let’s just watch!

Week One Update – One Guard Trim!

Pretty easy, right? It’s funny (strange…). I know that my hair has been falling out for some time but for all my life it has always grown rather quickly. It seems to be doing that now, too. I think the reason it wasn’t getting any longer than it past my shoulders was perhaps, for a variety of reasons; but boy HOWDY. At this length? It’s growing well and good. Or maybe I’m just wishing on it. Either way, I hope you enjoy this week one update of the growing out process after shaving my head bald. One more update (last Sunday’s 2nd week update – coming this Friday) and we should be right on track going forward.

I do so like to be organized. As best as this condition of mine allows me. Yikes. Plus, I have plenty MORE to post about, not JUST about hair and I’m happy to bring that to you, too. Stay tuned and “see” you soon!

~ Cheers

Sandra Lynn Writes @ Informed Sharing



Do you have a fun and funky and/or fabulous idea for how I should grow my hair out? It’s a clean slate, currently. Share your ideas below – cut, color, whatever. I’m open for any and all suggestions. GO 🙂 And remember, sharing is caring! Thank you!

Hair It Is

Video: From Bob to Bald in 3 Minutes!

From Bob to Bald in 3 MInutes

From Bob to Bald in 3 MinutesOut of all the versions in this “Shaving My Head Bald” series (and what a way to stretch a 40 minute vid, huh?), this one is probably my favorite – if only because in all my video making time, I’ve never done anything like this before. From Bob to Bald in 3 Minutes was fun and fabulous to edit and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together for you. Because this is my first attempt at speedy AND musical, I hope you’ll be kind in your feedback and if you end up liking what I’ve done here, let me know that too. There is so much yet to learn with this video editing program, who knows what I could end up doing down the road…

Anyway, let’s just watch!

From Bob to Bald in (under) 3 Minutes!

YAY! It’s a totally happy and catchy thing, isn’t it?!!! And QUICK. I don’t know anyone who can shave hair that fast. Whew. Well, maybe the Military folks when they are shaving incoming recruits. Hmmm. Yep. Probably so. ANYway. I’m rambling. This is it. The last in the “Shaving My Head Bald” series.

First there was the Intro, as I try to explain just why I wanted/needed to shave it.

Then I shared the full length video, because it’s important for the whole story.

And some people like to watch in chunks, so I broke it down into 3 parts.

Which is how we ended up super fast and fabulous right here!

What’s next?

All the update videos, of course. Every week I will be posting a weekly update about what’s going on with the hair. I will be shaving or cutting or just giving you a head’s up 😉 about where we are at with it. Because we’re behind with all this, I’ll have two of those, later on this week (10.12 and 10.19 updates, both with shaving – sides and back). Then we should be on track going forward.

I do thank you sincerely, for watching this fast and furious “Shaving My Head Bald” video and if you’d like to be informed about future updates, feel free to subscribe (right at the tippy top of this page). We don’t spam, sell, or otherwise do a thing with your email – other than to send you a lovely newsletter every other day throughout the week. Easy Peasy and we won’t make you queasy.

~ Cheers

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Be sure to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below – via Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress. I am open to any and all feedback about everything so bring it on and tell me what you know! 🙂 And if you’d rather do so privately, you may contact me directly! Remember, sharing is caring! Thank you!

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