Video: Week 3 – No Shave, Just Some Shout Outs!

No Shave Just Some Shout Outs

No Shave Just Some Shout OutsI do sincerely hope there is no disappointment with this week 3 update. I probably should have told you, could have certainly told you – last week – that there would be no shave this week. But even without the shave, I’m giving shout outs and updating you on the growing out progress so far. Well worth the watch, I think. 😉 So. No shave, just some shout outs? Yah. Tis okay, though. I don’t want you to get bored with all of this. Either with the shaving nothing off when there is nothing to remove or with me just going on and on about whatever.

To that end, I promise to do my best to keep it interesting each week. If you could let me know if I start to suck in any one area OR if there’s anything you’d like to see or hear, that’d be swell, too. YAY! For now, let’s just see what’s happening in week 3, the update…

Week 3 – No Shave, Just Some Shout Outs!

Well now. That was fun. I am so thrilled by the response so far. And just incredibly blessed by the positivity flowing all around me. Thank you for that. I know I said it in the video but you have to know – it matters greatly to be supported in this way. I could thank you all year and it wouldn’t begin to express how grateful I am. You all ROCK!

Next week, I reckon there will be a bit more shaving, as my hair seems to be growing quite normally, so keeping it trimmed on the sides and back in essential for the current plan*. I’m still not inclined toward any sort of coloring; at any rate it’s still too short.

That’s about it for this week 3 update. Unless you have any fun and fab ideas for this head of mine; please feel free to share below.

~ Cheers

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*current plan: as I’ve said, I have a plan for growing it out but am open to ideas. Hit me up with yours and maybe we’ll switch directions. At this point, anything goes, really. And I would love to hear what you have in mind. YAY! And remember, sharing is caring!

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